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HI there! Bet you thought I'd forgotten all about you. Nope. Just busy. You SAW my list of things to do this month, yes? And I am not even halfway through. REALLY, I have lots of time to post because my mom came on Tuesday and she has so far: made a gigantic pot of delicious soup for dinner, walked the dog (who is gone, boo hoo), washed the dishes, and AND

IRONED EVERYTHING that I have been blowing off for WEEKS.

She ironed 3 blouses, a pair of pants, a HUGE tablecloth and a giant pile of Christmas ribbons.

I have the best mom in the world! YAY!

We have a baby pool with no money down going on right now. My brother's wife's due date is December 18th. It's her second child and the first one came quick and easy. She does not want to give birth on December 18 (when her dad died) or December 20 (when our dad died), so we have all picked earlier dates. My bet is on Monday, December 16th. Guess what I win? A NEPHEW!


Tomorrow is our work Christmas party and I kinda don't wanna go. The food will be good and the Axis part of the entertainment should be fun, but I plan to leave right after that because I need to make sure that my mom has cleaned the fish tank.

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, Mom!

Though, if you FEEL like it, knock yourself out.

Although, she just told me that the first time she ever cleaned a fish tank, it was with her little brother, my Uncle Mike, when she was a teenager, and it was his tank, and it was like 20 gallons and she is sitting here cackling like a maniac at the memory.

The tank was in the dining room next to a huge closed-in porch and Mike cleaned out and emptied the tank, and then went and got the hose from outside the house and brought it in and had mom hold it while he went back out and turned on the water. And then she was supposed to come back and hold the hose again while he went and turned it off, after it was filled up.

Only she went upstairs to finish cleaning her room, shut the door, and turned on the radio, and never heard him yelling for her. Grandma and Grandad were upstairs, too, and finally they yelled at her through the door, "Your brother is calling you!" and she went pounding downstairs to find the tank had been overflowing for ...quite some time and the dining room was flooded and when she went down to the basement to fetch the mop and pail, it was RAINING IN THE BASEMENT.

Then they got busy working together very quietly trying to get it cleaned up before their parents came downstairs and caught them, LIKE YEAH, and then when Grandad did come down, he said, why didn't you just run back out the door with the hose??

She's still sitting here laughing like a fiend. Guess I'm on my own for cleaning my tank. :D
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