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2014! I have only worked two days, since last week was a short week, and next week is a short week too, with this 3-day weekend inbetween and the fact that I have next Friday off to go to the hospital and have the you-know-what RETRIEVED and REPLACED.

I think all the weekends should be 3-day ones. Don't you?

My first project on my giant long project list is done: cleaning out the computer room closets and organizing the cables. OMG the cables. When I spread them all out, they covered the dining room table. And then I found some more. And then some MORE. Unfortunately for my husband, it was really his project because I had no idea what most of the cables WERE. I saved a pile of paper towel rolls over the past year, and now the cables are all nicely packed into them and labeled and if I ever need to find an RCA Connector, I know exactly where it is and what it looks like...though I still have no idea what it actually does.

The next project is kind of an obvious one and it's not even on the list: taking down Christmas. Normally, I wouldn't be allowed to start until after January 6th, but our trees are dropping and drooping so badly that ornaments are falling off them, so I started today and now the dining room table is covered in Christmas stuff...and I haven't even started the trees yet. AND when Martin went up the attic to get the XMAS boxes down (6 of them plus the box for the tree stand) he found another box labeled XMAS that had never even come down to begin with. Is 7 boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations the sign of a deranged mind? I don't even have any pine garlands or outdoor lights!

Martin and I went out practice driving today, our first time and his second. He's already been once with Anders, and we went to the same big empty parking lot up by Ericsson only to discover that there were already FIVE practice drivers slowly motoring around it. So we went to my work parking lot instead and spent an hour going around in circles, practicing turning and braking and accelerating. He got up to 30 at one point. Whooo! It's not as nerve-wracking as I thought...probably because we were in an empty parking lot, but it was REALLY hard to answer some of this questions about things. I had to shut my eyes and hold my imaginary steering wheel to figure out how to show him to turn the wheel hand over hand.

And in other news, the day I went back to work, I noticed that one of the headlights on my car didn't seem to be shining very brightly, or at all, if you want to put it that way, and it was kind of a problem because I drive TO work in the dark and I drive HOME from work in the dark and it was making me a bit nervous. I was a padiddle! (or pediddle) I don't think I've ever been a padiddle before. Do YOU say that or is that a Midwest thing?

Anyway. I asked Anders to please change the bulb because that's one thing, among many others, that I do not know how to do in a car. I know how to fill the gas tank, and check the oil, and if I really worked at it, I could probably figure out how to fill the windshield wiper fluid, but that's a big probably. Anyway, he had to go buy one, and today he told me when I went to take Martin driving that I should take HIS car, so he could change the bulb on mine, and when we got back, he had washed the car and cleaned and vacuumed the inside, and checked the tire pressure and topped up all the fluids and replaced a broken license plate holder along with the new plates he ordered at some point AND he changed the bulb. I love that guy.

And in final news, San Diego went off the table and we are back to square one. Decision to be made tomorrow. Ireland back in the running.
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