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I've been in project mode since before vacation ended. I have a big long list of things to get done. Some of them have already been crossed off, but the list is long enough to keep me busy for a good long time if I only manage to do one of them a week. So far, I've done four of the big ones:

Cable organization

Putting away Christmas

Inventorying and organizing DVDs

Pantry clean-out

I'm up to October in my 2013 blog book formatting and there are a bunch of other small projects that I've already crossed off, too. I'm on fire! haha!

I'm also on another project now that I won't take any photos of: walking. I moved the treadmill out of our bedroom, where it faced a wall and made me sad and put it behind the big chair in the living room. I borrowed all 10 seasons of Friends from Debbie and I'm walking while I watch. We're on season four, though I just started this week with the walking, but still that's a lot of seasons still to go. And after that, we have new seasons of Glee, The Big Bang Theory and soon, Mad Men to watch. So that should get me through until the weather is nice enough to walk outside, right?

Work is getting stressful again...tons to do, crazy people, and one less resource since we lost our excellent intern (she got a real job, apparently)...I hope I can smooth it through and not let it get to me like I did last year. Every year, it's the same story. Already I've found myself working late and working last weekend. That's not good, so from now on when the urge to work strikes me, I'll just get on the treadmill.
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