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A long week, a busy weekend and here it's nearly the end of January. Time flies, whether you are having fun or not. I haven't been online much lately, not least because our connection is so slow right now.

I've been walking nearly every day, at least 25 minutes, a daily Watch&Walk, while we plow through 10 seasons of Friends. But now we've had to take a break and start watching Downton Abbey Season 4 because when we went to start season 6, we discovered that the first disc was missing from the box set. And we won't be able to get the DVD from the friend we borrowed Friends from until Wednesday at the earliest.

We picked up DA4 at a 50% off sale this past Saturday. Martin thought I was crazy because I wanted to get up early and get there when they opened...the sale was at the local DVD chain Hemmakväll, 50% off all movies and box sets! In addition to DA4, we got Mad Men 6, Sherlock 1 and 8 movies. But I had to laugh, when we got home and looked at our loot: 2 superhero movies, 1 zombie flick, 3 Disney replacements for my old VHS collection, the last Harry Potter that we were missing and Looper. Not exactly high-brow. Heh.

We watched Looper on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Time travel movies make my head hurt, though.

I've painted the plant stand that my mom and I bought nearly 2 years ago. Bought white spray paint and gave it a thorough spritzing but it wasn't enough to cover the original black so I had to go buy another can today. Anders will probably kill me for getting white paint on his tarp. That was project number 6. One more spray ought to do it, and then it's taking its planned place in the bathroom with some pretty greenery on it.

It's freezing cold here, in the minus temps, and snowing non-stop. It's all powder, though, so it just blows about and looks pretty. Anders is in the Czech Republic skiing with work buddies until Wednesday and he called me tonight to ask if I was still considering taking the school's winter break week off when the kids are out of school. "Weeeell, yes, but I haven't talked to my boss yet," I said, "Why?"

"Because they have rooms available here at this resort!" he said. Heh. I think I let him down when I said skiing wasn't really what I had in mind. :) I'm not sure what I have in mind, actually. I still have to finish planning the Ireland trip for the end of summer, after all!
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Skiing is never what I have in mind. Going to museums and coffee houses is way more like it. Especially if it's cold and I am not able to go to where it is warm.

It's been too cold here for me to even think about exercising. We seem to be stuck in an awful pattern where it's high temps in the teens or 20s if you're lucky, only warming up from that so that it can snow, then plunging back down. I feel so bad for people up in the upper midwest, temps in the negative teens Fahrenheit for days on end!

Museums and such sound perfect to me, too :) Maybe I'll spend a couple of days in Copenhagen going to all the places I've never made it to.

From Megsie

I will take the sympathy from e11en. I am here in the deep freeze. The kids are out of school today and will be again tomorrow. That is 5 days off this year for sub-zero weather! Even the colleges closed today, so I am home playing on TED talks mostly. I have grading to do and an assignment that I should have done by now, but I don't really want to. I will start after this though.

I am excited to hear all about your Ireland trip!


Re: From Megsie

Hope you've warmed up a bit!! We have, but we're supposed to get more of the cold stuff soon.

S. loves to ski but it's never been on top of my holiday wishlist either.. :) I'd love going on another winter trip somewhere where there's lotsa snow and mountains and what not - as this is not our typical winter here in NL. But then I'd still be more interested in walking around in the snow rather then skiing I guess hehehe.

There's a season 6 of Downton Abby??? I just recently started watching the serie and am halfway S2 (gotte love netflix). I knew there was a season 3, but had no clue they had made it to into a 6th season already! It's been shown on tv here as well but I only found out when they were halfway already so waited till I could watch all from the start. I wonder how many seasons are available on Netflix... likely only the first few..

No, sorry, that wasn't clear...Downton Abbey 4, and Friends 6 :)

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