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A friend of mine recently told me that she started the Couch25K program and couldn't understand what had happened in her brain to even make her want to TRY it. This morning, a Sunday morning, a Sunday morning with NO PLANS and a rather late night last night, I woke up at 7:30 a.m. I managed to doze off again, but then I reawoke just before 9 and all I could think about was getting up and getting on the treadmill. WTH? So I did. I speed-walked for 30 minutes, for a total of 2K. Before 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. And I thought about calling my brother because if I was talking on the phone with him, I would probably have managed at least 45. But since I didn't know if he's even home, and I was already ON the treadmill, and didn't want to stop to go get the phone, I didn't.

The snow is all melting but the sky looks as white as ever. We were supposed to get pounded on Friday night with tons of snow and gale-force winds but it never materialized. I don't mind the snow, but I want it gone by the end of February, so the world can really be ready for spring in March.

I am still plowing through my project list. I finished formatting my 2013 blog book and published and ordered it yesterday. And I successfully nagged my husband into going to get the replacement door for the one Mental ate. Of course, then I had bad dreams last night that he wanted a divorce, so maybe the nagging was a bit much. Karin has almost got her whole room cleaned out, but while it makes me happy on the one hand that she's actually motivated, all of her stuff is all over the playroom. *sigh*

Today I have to do some cleaning. At least dusting and vacuuming. When the light starts returning, I start noticing all the spiderwebs and dust bunnies. Gack! My kids keep whining about how they shouldn't have to do any chores on the weekend because the weekend is meant for relaxing, to which I say, "HA!!" And also, "Nice try".

I'm taking week 8 off (vacation days I have to use or lose), but we don't have plans to go anywhere...Anders has to work. It's the winter break for the kids. I'm not sure whether to plan something or just take it easy for a week. What do you think?

And finally, I am weaning myself off Tic-Tacs. I figured I had a month and a half before my next attempt at the hospital and why not work at it? So far so good, though it's extremely difficult on early mornings.
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First Coke now Tic-Tacs, what's next? ;-)

The C25K is very good at motivating you because it's so gradual that it spurs you on each time. I can do it, it's only 30 seconds more than last time, I still get three walking breaks, etc. My problem is finding the motivation to start it in the first place.

Well, I tried to give up chips, but that lasted about one week. :P

From Megsie

This post is so impressive! Good for you getting a walk in before 10:30! When I was actually exercising, I had to do it first thing in the morning, or it was HELL. I think I wasn't awake yet or something, so it didn't seem so bad, but if I waited, I paid for it. I am sorry you had bad dreams after the door nag. I do the same thing. Our furnace went out this week, and I had class. So Jeff had to stay home and he was crabby about it. I fretted all day. I think I would stay home during your time off. But I am a homebody. Ask a traveler. Then maybe you will get a different answer. Why do you have to give up Tic-Tacs? Can't you just abstain the day of surgery? Everyone needs SOME vices. I am totally ready for spring RIGHT NOW, but I know that we still have a good two months FOR SURE, and it could be three. Minnesota is testing my patience this year.

Re: From Megsie

The tic-tacs are something I don't want to rely on, and I use them for helping calm an aggressive morning gag reflex...which is probably more info than you wanted. So it's not so easy to abstain for a day, especially if I have to get up early which makes it all worse :(

Re: From Megsie

Have you had that looked at? I wonder if it's a sort of acid reflux like problem that could possibly be treated.

Go Liz!

I was referring to the treadmill, but am equally impressed with how you always print out your blog. I wish I would get myself to do that, but somehow it seems this daunting task.

Ok, I can get weaning from tic-tacs, but I have been away from LJ a lot recently, and must have missed something..what is this "next attempt at the hospital?"

You'll have to go back and read all about it :)

OMG. A tic-tac.
Well, good luck next time.

And the weaning off tic-tacs, surely it is for some other reason?

Yeah, it is. :) A stupid one, but a hard one to deal with. (see above comment answer)

You've been making such impressive progress through your projects list, and on the exercise and everything else -- I say, give yourself a week to take it easy. :-)

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