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It has started out as a very very bad week. I got the news Monday morning that our graphic designer in the US quit. In addition, one of the freelancers that we really rely on is seriously ill and doesn't know when she'll be able to start working again. Work was insane to begin with and all this just pushes my team and I to the brink. URGH. I had planned to take a week of vacation in 2 weeks because I have 6 days that I have to use or lose by April 1st and now, I honestly don't see how I can take it. Even if I'm entitled, yadda yadda yadda, I don't see how I can do it, because then I'll be ADDING to the lurch, and it will just stress me out even more than this week is already doing.

So that sucks. But! I got some great news today: a Finder's Fee bonus that I had forgotten was coming. Yay! That's Ireland airfare and hotels paid for, I hope!

Everything feels edgy and upside-down and a little crazy. I'm trying to keep perspective. Barky and I went and made her beautiful today: pretty color and cut and a bunch of expensive product to help with the upkeep. And I stopped in a little boutique on my way home and picked up several bars of Black Betty dark chocolate to take into work and share with my team. I think they could use the cheering up, too. And it will cheer me up to cheer them up.

We've got the damn pop-up ads happening again in Firefox, and I'm switching to Google Chrome, because ARGH.

Martin and I whizzed through Downton Abbey 4 and were left feeling a little flat. And now we're 4 episodes in to Mad Men 6 and I'm wondering what happened to all the good stuff? BORING. I think it's because they separated Peggy and Don. What were they thinking?!

I have nothing really to say, right now.

I just looked at Martin after writing that sentence, and he looked back at me and said, "Punkt" (which means Period.)

(and then he said, "not the bloody kind").


Maybe I need to hire him as my writer!

Okay, that's all. Talk amongst yourselves.
mood: crazy
music: Marié Digby—I Think I'm in Love


Ugh, so sorry to hear about the work stress. I keep wishing I was qualified to do what your department does so I could come work there and lighten the load and we could live there instead but I'm not a designer.

What a great surprise to get the bonus though! What had you found that prompted a finders fee?

We have a finder's fee system at work that compensates you if you recommend someone for a job at our company and they get hired. It's awesome. And I know a LOT of good people!

From Megsie

Oh, that totally stinks about the vacation time. Totally. Stinks. I would feel the same though. In other news, I am still cold. And, OH! Free money sounds nice! And enough to pay for air fare and accommodations? Awesome Sauce!


Re: From Megsie

I hope so, though after taxes it probably won't be as much as it should be! It's still cold here, too, but it's warmed up a bit....and the sun has been shining!

It is vaguely amusing to me that you just watched Season 4 of Downton Abbey. It just began airing here last month, and I have to watch it like a dinosaur would, one week at a time. (At least I am still streaming it so I don't actually have to watch at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights. I could never keep up with stuff like that anymore. I can barely remember those horrible days!)

You could always buy the DVD import! We were amazed that Sherlock 3 was already available on JUST aired in Britain and is in the middle here in Sweden now!

Blah about the work stress and how taking your vacation days would just make more work stress. Maybe under the circumstances your boss/company could roll the days over for another month or two?
This happened a year or two ago with my friend Jim, same thing. Other people's situations made it too stressful for him to take his vacation days before they expired. He talked to the boss, and got the days extended a little until work stress calmed a little bit.

On your recommendation I watched Veronica Mars a couple of months ago (or the list that was given to you, I guess). It was a high school detective, but definitely a fun watch.
Maybe you can find it online, for a fun watch....

I am just spilling over t=with the possibly unhelpful unsolicited advice this morning, aren't I? I think I am avoiding the snow and looking at the adaptations to my day... Thanks for being my avoidance canvas for a few minutes, LIz.

I could ask, but I suspect not, since it's already rollover days from 5 years past.

You know what I would like? Cash for vacation time I can't use. That works for me!

Augh on the work stress and vacation days situation and all the bad stuff that this week has brought. February is already sort of a downer of a month -- we're usually sick of Winter and snow by now, but it's too soon to start dreaming of Spring -- and it seems like the bad stuff always hits then, too.

Fred and I finished Downton 4 on blu-ray this week, and I was left feeling rather flat, as well. It seemed to lack a proper season-ending bit of drama, with some what-the-heck?-flavored loose ends.

Yay! on the finder's fee!

Our snow has all melted and temps are above zero but we know better than to get our hopes up yet...

Bwahaha! Martin cracks me up. I'm also still chuckling about the "spelunking procedure," though I want to cry for you regarding the Tic-Tac. I mean, REALLY.

So sorry work is sucking for you and that you won't get your vacation time. I hope your team appreciates your dedication and sacrifice (which I know are total buzzwords but completely accurate in your case). I'm SURE they will appreciate the chocolate. :)

They DID appreciate the chocolate...I hope it helps in the coming weeks. It's going to get tougher before it gets better, for sure. URGH. I will hopefully get my vacation time...just not right now, though I might take a long weekend there anyway. :)


On the good side- maybe there will be no question about you coming to Boston for 2 weeks this year! :) Love, Lizardmom

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