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I've got crazyworkbrain. Can't stop thinking about it, stressing, etc. GAH. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. and can't get back to sleep because crazyworkbrain starts right up. No matter how fast we work or how much we do, the amount that is left to do is the same or more when we leave each day. *sigh* Good thing I love my job, eh?

On the plus side, (haaa!) I'm also obsessed with Treadmill Time. Every day when I come home, it's the first thing I do. 20 minutes minimum and usually up to 40. I need to increase the speed though, since it takes me so long to increase the time. I'm looking forward to actual warmer weather when I can get outdoors and walk, though I am SO glad I made the move out to the living room with the treadmill. Being able to watch an episode or two of Friends or Mad Men (or Olympics figureskating) is much more fun than the WALL I was facing before. Stupid that it took me so long to do it.

Have I told you that Karin is completely obsessed with The Walking Dead? I'm not sure what got her started watching it, but she's plowed through every available episode available on the web and is demanding that we ask her questions each time we're gathered around the dinner table so she'll "have someone to talk to about it". :D None of the rest of us are interested (I REALLY don't get the fond love affair with zombies society is still in the middle of) but we've dutifully asked questions. A couple of times she's had it playing while we've been sitting together while she's been watching one, and I've caught myself paying attention. AIIEEE. NO ZOMBIES.

Martin wants me to come watch an episode of Mad Men before bedtime...shall I walk another 30 minutes?
mood: crazy
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waaaalking dead, man!!!! LOVE IT! :D

how do you rebuild society after the apocalypse? who do you want as your leader? who can you trust? how do i raise a baby with all the zombies around? what is the role of women in the new world? do some means justify the goals? what is humanity? where can i get hold of some antibiotics? and twinkies? all these important questions...

Hahahaha! You and Karin: BFFs forever!

Are they going to hire some more people?

Definitely a good thing you moved the treadmill. In my experience only very old cats like to stare at walls.

Yes but that takes time and then training time as slow!

My son (aged 21) has a very strong aversion to Zombies. I don't really know why, but it means he was not to be persuaded to watch "The Returned" (Les Revenants) with me, and I took weeks to realise that "zombies" were actually a main characteristic of the plot. I would say it's a bit adult for someone of Karin's tender years, in a s*xual way, but it is French after all, so it probably counts as art.

Is it a tv show, too? How much art/culture/literature has to be about zombies before we finally move on to the next societal obsession?

Yep, it's a TV show produced in France. You may not have come across it in Sweden so far. Oh, wait: "In December 2012, season 1 debuted on Swedish public broadcaster SVT's on-demand service SVT Play. The show is known as Gengångare (Ghosts) in Sweden." So says Wikipedia.


Glad to hear you're doing the treadmill. Although I have been walking inside- using the stairs and running in the basement for a push on the heart. I prefer being outside -so have used a pair of John's ski poles and went Nordic walking on the snow-covered road a couple times. I really should get some snow shoes, but then the snow would all disappear! Love, Lizardmom

It's been tough this las t week with to much going on...need to get moving again this weekend

From Megsie

It sounds like you found the magic formula for enjoying the walk! That is SO GREAT! I am not in to Zombies. I have no question for Karin. But, you were paying attention, huh? I predict you might be swayed....

Sorry about the work stress. I hate that when it affects the all-important-sleep. Maybe a massage would help?


Re: From Megsie

Massages ALWAYS help!

My elliptical is in my bedroom, but faces a bank of floor to ceiling windows. So as I ellipte (new verb?), I watch all the people in the apartment buildings across the street. I'm in my own Georges Perec novel.

Haha! Sounds very motivating! Have to find out what everyone is up to each day!

*Very* good that you love your job -- speaking as one who does not love hers. Makes a huge difference when you're glad to be there every day! :-)

Have really never understood the recent societal obsession with zombies (or vampires, for that matter). Of course, I'm not into horror/suspense to start with, but even so, I find it dark and depressing. Maybe it's a reflection of the stress that society has been under, the past few years, with all the economic woes: "Things are tough, but at least we're not fighting zombies." *shudder*

I could undstand vampires (=sex) but for me the obsession with zombies equals obsession with death/despair...too sad to join in on that one

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