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This living like it's 1999-with-dial-up-modem thing for HALF THE MONTH is for the birds.
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music: NOTHING. Can't play Spotify on dial-up speed


I got an email a few days ago from the phone company, which is our ISP, alerting us to the fact that we had exceeded our 150GB usage for the month but they were not going to charge us extra, this time. To say I was confused is an understatement because since when was I paying for 150GB/month? Never! That was never stipulated in the plan I am on. Come to find out it's a new thing because everyone is using so much more bandwidth these days. I thought of you immediately. What level do you guys have on your plan? I'm wondering what's realistic and whether this past month was unusual because of so many snow days and my mom was down for several days when G was home with his nose surgery (with both of them being on their computers nearly all day, every day) so there were many more daytime hours of data being used than we normally have.

We have 80GB, but Anders just made the call to get us hooked back up to broadband! WOOT!


Bummer- I can relate to the slowness- so happy to have WiFi now! But I also have to watch the amount I'm using! Love, Lizardmom

I could not live like that.

(Well, okay, I could, because I did for an entire year when Comcast was being their Evil Empire self and it's a really long story, but it was HELL, I tell you, absolute HELL and I neverevereverever want to go back there.)

Are there really no other viable options for you?

Yep! Anders just made the call this week to get us off mobile internet and back on broadband. Woot woot!

No ADSL in Flyinge?

Yep, we're getting hooked back up!

From Megsie

It is MARCH FIRST! Happy internet day!


Re: From Megsie

I know!! YAY!!

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