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Next week practically everyone on my floor at work, and everyone in my department, except me, will be at a big trade show in California. I'm totally stoked about this, even though I'll probably be bored silly by the end of the week. Christmas vacation just can't get here soon enough. Had an email from my brother yesterday that he and Simone are definitely coming up for Christmas week, woo hoo!! Now if we could just figure a way to get my sister to Europe, things would be sweet.

I didn't go to choir last night, which totally sucked, because my babysitters bailed on me, and Karin was being such a brat that I didn't feel it was possible to have the kids with me. Plus they would have been up really late and I don't think that's a good idea on a school night. We have 2 concerts on the 14th, and only one more practice, which happens to be while Anders is gone again. :(

Martin has taken to reading books in bed for at least an hour after his bedtime. It is SO weird to see myself reflected in my children. Anders said that last night when he went in to turn out Martin's bedside lamp, he found him asleep with a large hardcover book propped in front of him. When Anders tried to remove it, Martin woke and began frantically flipping pages in an attempt to show that he wasn't sleeping. Then he promptly passed out again. *lol*

The number of blogs I read daily has exploded recently. There are just too many good/interesting writers out there. I'm up to 20 and that doesn't include my LJ friends, or the other sites I check daily, like comics and news and columnists. I've found myself being incredibly jealous of a couple of bloggers just because they live in Chicago. Man, I miss that life sometimes! :) I think I'm living vicariously through other cool people.

20+ more Christmas cards addressed last night and more of the Christmas decorations put up, plus laundry and dishes and kids and wet-dusting tile dust off all surfaces in several rooms made for a full evening. Doesn't leave me much time to read, which is why it's taking me so long to get through Middlesex.

Messages: Happy Birthday to thesidhe, and welcome to all the new people on my Friends list :)


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