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This doesn't happen to me so much outside of my own home, but it's starting to drive me crazy. When I walk into the house, I immediately see the things that are out of place. The things that need to be cleaned, or put away. Today when I came home, the first thing I notice when I walk into the laundry room (aside from the blinking red light on the washing machine announcing that the load I put on a timer when I left this morning is done) is that Martin's backpack is on the counter, along with his hat and some books. The shoes are all out of place. There are clothes from the weekend's laundry round that someone didn't put away.

When I walk into the kitchen, I see Karin's backpack and keys on the kitchen table. Dirty dishes in the sink. Recycleables that need to be sorted.

In the little hallway, someone's headphones on the phone stand.

In the bathroom, the kid's cabinet door is open from this morning, my own nightgown on the windowsill (shame!) and the laundry basket lids are askew.

And so it goes, throughout the house. Every room I walk into...the first thing I see is the thing that needs to be FIXED. RIGHTED. TAKEN CARE OF.

It's exasperating, both that it's what I focus on, AND that it's invariably someone else that has done it to begin with. And yet, I close the cabinet, put the dishes in the dishwasher, call the kids to come pick up their stuff, put my nightgown away. *sigh* I can't really relax until things are in order. Or at least in BETTER order. I don't get out the mop or anything, ...I'm not OBSESSED.


And yet, I can go months without cleaning the fish tank or dealing with the well beneath the bathtub. The windows are a disgrace, but there's no point in cleaning's rainy season, right? I'm not obsessed with perfection or super-cleanliness...I just appreciate order.

And if I have to BEAT MY FAMILY INTO COMPLIANCE, so be it.
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music: Mark Owen—The Art of Doing Nothing


My apartment is enough of a mess that I've given up on worrying about things being out of place -- with the exception of the silverware drawer. Which is always open about an inch, after my husband has been in the room. Why he's incapable of closing it completely, I do not know, but it driveth me crazy.

hahaha! that would drive me crazy too. I have other things, though :)


I soooo totally understand! I can go a whole week without emptying the dishwasher (and thus the dirty dishes stack up in the sink), but cannot stand it if things are not in their proper "place" (I'm sure the ex divorced me over the whole 'none of the bathroom doors are in the proper open/closed position' episode!). What's bad is at work I'm so ocd I have to make sure not to rearrange the shoes the customer has put back on the wrong shelf while they're standing there!!!


I don't think it's OCD, exactly...I just like neatness and order. I'd have to ratchet it up a couple of notches to qualify. glad to know i am not the only one who suffers from this I also suffer from it-needs-to-be-tidy-before-i-even-leave-the-house syndrome so when I come back i minimize the original problem of seeing everything that needs to be righted as soon as i walk in the door.

it's maddening!!

It's so nice to come home to a neat house. I wonder what that feels like? :P

i hereby invite you to live with me. i'll take care of the fishtank.
but how is headphones on the phone stand unacceptable?
and who has been doing what with your nightgown, since it is invariably someone else's mess?

i have coworkers who iron the clothes for the whole family because "no one else does it right" and "fresh laundry need to be ironed". and then they complain about it. i roll my eyes at them. women! :)

It's the TELEPHONE stand! haha! And it IS mostly someone else's mess, hence the shame over the fact that I forgot to put my nightgown away.

I confess to re-organizing the dishwasher occasionally.

This "tic" has become much more pronounced in me as I age. My greatest moment of happiness is the hour after the cleaning lady leaves and everything is perfect. I like that better than chocolate!

I became so irritated that no one ever shut the garden shed door (which is in my line of sight when we take our meals outside in the summer) that Phil very kindly put an automatic spring door-closer thingy on it. Now that's love! (Or maybe he just got tired of being the one to get up and close the thing when we sat down to eat.)

What I wouldn't give for a cleaning lady!

From Megsie

I am slovenly. And, I have a cleaning lady. If I didn't we would be living in condemned housing. I will say that the older I get the more it bugs me, but it takes me so long to organize things that piles happen. A lot of piles. I should not be a teacher because I don't handle paper well. One of my fantasies is that my whole house is clean and organized. The. Whole. House. Including closets. And cabinets.

Ugh. It will never happen.

Re: From Megsie

Ooh, a kindred spirit! (I don't have a cleaning lady but I am a teacher and - ugh - paper!!)

Sympathy! I would love a tidy house but I hate to be the person responsible for that. OK, there are 6 of us. My ability to pass on how to keep things organised is ... low. I almost always rearrange the dishwasher though. (Eek!)

I don't think I could handle SIX!

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