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This past week was pretty horrible. We found out that one of our freelancers, a wonderfully kind woman, whom I've been working with for the nearly 10 years I've been at my company, is very ill with cancer. It's the second time for her...she beat breast cancer several years ago, but the cancer this time is worse, metastasized and in her skeleton and stomach. Apparently they won't do chemo or radiation, which brings one to the conclusion that the doctors don't think it will help and that it's not worth going through.

Yesterday was the day I was scheduled for the IUD replacement. And an hour before we were supposed to leave for the hospital, they called and said that the doctor who was to perform the operation had been bitten the night before by a cat, in the hand, and couldn't operate...and they couldn't get a substitute in for him in time. I have to call to reschedule on Monday.

So, instead of going to the hospital to get something over with that I've been dreading for months, I went on in to work. And about halfway through the morning, an email went out to the entire company that another colleague, a man in his mid-forties, had passed away unexpectedly the night before. He started after me, and while I didn't work directly with him, I knew who he was and had had contact with him in the course of work.

That last seemed like the last straw for a very shaky camel's week and I found myself on the verge of tears all day. UGH. Double ugh.

Today, things look at least a bit brighter...literally. The sun is shining. January was the darkest month in Lund in 17 years. Altogether there were EIGHT HOURS of sunlight. February was definitely better, and definitely warmer and we're getting spring temps now and things are getting ready to burst. Including my eyes, which have already been itching like crazy for 3 days. Aren't allergies supposed to start when the green has already started blooming out??

Martin just informed me that he doesn't want to learn how to drive right now, and I've got to figure out how to pay for our plane tickets for summer vacation.

Next week better get better.
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That is a very rough week. I think losing co-workers is very hard because they are our peers and we are used to seeing them every day.

Martin not wanting to drive could be a good thing. All that time and money you will save!

ugh... :(

From Megsie

Oh, Liz. I am sending you a big bear hug. All of those things are awful. Terrible, horrible, no good very bad week. I hate those. And big stuff like terminal cancer and death are hard singularly, but a double whammy? I am so sorry.

Next week HAS to be better. Take some allergy medicine. Sleep in. Treat yourself. You need the TLC.



Hugs and Love on the way! And a Big Hurrah for plane tickets!


oops -the above was from Lizardmom

A pretty dreadful week indeed :( Next week will be better!

The woman whose job I replaced also has cancer similar to your colleague. She had breast cancer years ago and it came back but has metastasized into her skeleton and up to her brain. She is getting chemo though and has tried several kinds. She jokes that her skull is like swiss cheese. The chemo she's on now has worked well and while the cancer will not go away the tumors throughout her body have all shrunk. Everyone thought she didnt have long to live and that was more than a year ago. She is doing pretty well considering! I hope your colleague can find a doctor or treatment plan to prolong her life and maintain quality of life as long as possible!

No wonder you were looking for good news on Friday. That totally qualifies as a horrible week. Wishing you lots of sunshine and birdsong and forsythia (do they have that in Sweden?) and fresh days full of the stuff Spring is made of, SOON!

(A teenager who doesn't want to learn how to drive? What's THAT all about?)

Isn't this the third time you have tried to get that IUD?

Be gentle with yourself Liz. That is a rough week. And with all that death and pain around it can get tense and confusing. Ouch.

I hope the sun comes out a lot more for you, literally, and in other ways too.

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