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Anders coming home on Friday

Going to a play ON A BOAT in Copenhagen this weekend with my BFFs Debbie & Camilla

Getting actual permanent high-speed Internet more day...I CAN'T WAIT

Anders putting the final touches on the new storage room, so I can empty/organize the attic and get new bookshelves for the computer room

Annual AWC Media Sale (even though I almost never buy anything, since all the best books are the ones I donated, haha!)

Lilacs, duh.


Getting some more colleagues on our team at work

Finally getting that damn IUD replacement over with

Midsummer poppies and lupines

A week on the east coast of Sweden with my brother, Simone and the boys

And of course, Toronto and USA BIG birthday trip

What's on your list?
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From Megsie

Oooo. Great list!

In the next 6 months?

1. The magic of myth class with Elizabeth

2. The end of winter? Will there be an end to Winter? Will there be?


4. Summer

5. SuMmEr

6. Did I mention summer?

Love to you, sweet Liz. xoxoxo

but... but... but... whatever happened to the LEGO project?? :)

haha! It got put on hold. The kids decided they didn't want to sell anything. It's all bagged and labeled, though!

I can't even see past the next six days!

Some great things to look forward to there Liz.

Not sure about my things to look forward to, other than SPRINGTIME!! But I will think on it Liz, when I have more time, and come up with a list.
You know I love lists...

Pardon me for stepping in. I read your blog via Beverly from time to time. What brings me out of the shadows is your talk of having your icd replaced. I work for a group that does the billing and coding for a large group of doctor's offices including three women's health offices. I code for those offices and the insertion/removal of the Mirena and Paraguard iud's are done in the doctor's office by either the doctor or the pa. One of my coworkers had the Mirena inserted recently and she said it took 5 minutes. So I'm curious as to how your procedure is so different from the procedure here in America.

Hi there! No, an IUD replacement is normally a 5-minute procedure here, too. Except they couldn't FIND mine, and after three tries, well... here, read it for yourself:
and then this:

So, that's why. :)




I KNOW! I can't wait!

Hmm, the next six months...

Being almost done with grad school.

Being able to drive around with the car windows down.

Being able to once again work on a Mac computer.

Those are good ones! :)

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