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The willows are pollarded
The fields are plowed
The trees and bushes are no longer see-through
The buds are opening
The butterflies are fluttering
The equinox is upon us
The light is lengthening
The windows are filthy
And I can see every single damn dust bunny in the entire house!

It's here!
mood: happy
music: Eastmountainsouth—You Dance


Lucky you! Love your icon!

From Megsie

Send some of that my way will you. It snowed yesterday. I had to scrape my car this morning.

There you go. Lucky YOU!


Lucky you is right. Maybe by the time you arrive here, Spring will have arrived.


oops- that was your Mother speaking (er...writing)

It was still light at the end of my yoga class, 6:30!
Yes, it's here!!

I just learned a new word -- never had come across "pollarded" before. :-)

I'm very envious of your sproinged state, though. I woke up yesterday to two inches of snowy slush all over everything, and they're promising another wintery storm next week. I want lilac season, dangit!

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