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This past week was pretty intense. Anders left last Sunday for a business trip to Italy all week and one of my team members went on vacation, which meant that there were 2.25 of us handling all the Marcom requests that come in from the entire company (plus 2 people dealing with video and illustrations, but I'm talking about EVERYTHING ELSE), and the .25 is an untrained temp who is filling in for the US graphic designer who quit last month. But my other teammate wasn't able to pull her usual weight as she was trying to finish a huge important project so I felt like it was really just ME.

So, intense. And then each evening, getting home, getting some sort of slapped-together excuse for dinner on the table for the kids, dealing with laundry and getting Karin to and from soccer practice, so I was really not in my usual headspace.

Yesterday, I was so busy and all I could think was THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY: Karin came in to town to meet me at my office and we ran an errand together and then went to the grocery store to get stuff for myskväll and dinner and then home to get the house picked up and laundry dealt with and dinner on the table...we were going to watch Monica and Chandler's wedding and then a new show called Welcome to Sweden about an American who moves here with his girlfriend (he's Amy Poehler's brother).

And just as were getting settled on the sofa with our chips and candy and putting on the DVD, the phone rang.

It was my friend Kelly. Wondering where I was.



Total shock. They were all there, worried about me, because I'm usually the first to arrive and they hadn't been able to get ahold of me (my mobile was in my purse on the other side of the house) and AUGH. They hadn't eaten yet since they were waiting on me, and here I was, already eaten, and ensconced on the sofa with my kids and it was pouring rain and Kelly's house is nearly an hour away, and "you can come for dessert and the rest of the evening," said Kelly, but I just couldn't... at that point, I just felt like I couldn't. I could have sworn it wasn't this week...I didn't think I had ANYTHING this past week (until this weekend), and even though it was on my calendar and in my phone, I somehow completely spaced it.

OMG I suck. I am the suckiest friend ever.

But! Today the sun is shining and I went out without a coat, and Karin scored a goal in her soccer game and Martin finished reading Through the Looking Glass and was impressed that I know the first part of Jabberwocky by heart, and I saw crocus and daffodil and a blackbird, and 3 storks flying, and 2 building a new nest on top of Flyinge Kungsgård and Anders is home (yay!) and we have high-speed Internet and I am going out tonight for a play and dinner in Copenhagen with a good friend. And there's still all of Sunday ahead!
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From Megsie

I don't think you suck at all. I think it was divine intervention, giving you some REST which you needed. You wouldn't have taken it for yourself, after all.

Here's to a wonderful weekend!


I agree totally with Megsie -Love, Lizardmom

You are NOT a sucky friend! You are a stressed-out, overworked friend, and I'm sure the Wonders completely understood.

Here's to weekends for recovery!

I hope you were able to recharge on the weekend and realize you are not the suckiest friend. Not by a long shot. Here's to longer, warmer days ahead!

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