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There went another weekend...we lost an hour of this one so it went even faster than usual.

Friday night was Pie Night, and it was mmmmmmmmm pie-awesome. We had fewer people than the last couple of years, mostly due to a few last minute drop-outs, and unfortunately they were all supposed to bring savory pies, so we were a little short on the dinner side of things...so much so that I very nearly ordered a couple of pizzas (hey! it counts!). However, it all worked out.

We had 5 pies for dinner to choose from: Anders made a delicious chicken & gorgonzola pie, and there were 4 others: salmon & asparagus, chicken pot pie, traditional English cottage pie and a plate of small meat quiches: ham, beef and chicken.

For dessert, though, WHOA, the participants outdid themselves!

We had rhubarb tartlets, pumpkin pie, mississippi mud pie, chocolate & peanut butter pie, TWO plum pies, apple pie, key lime and my own concoction: fruit & cookie pizza. NOM!

The weekend has been totally gorgeous, warm temps, blue skies, sunshine and we filled the rest of it with pansies, cleaning windows, cleaning up the garden beds, Anders working on the storage room and painting Karin's room (goodbye dragons!) picking up Karin's MOPED (aaaaah!) and various other leisure activities. I'm relatively ready for work tomorrow. But I could use another day in the weekend.
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