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It is such a long time since I posted that I feel like the veriest tyro. A blogging beginner. Again!

Today was spelunking day, and on Monday I got sick with a massive head cold. ...NOOOO. I was determined that NOTHING was going to hinder today's appointment so I medicated and rested and took half a day off and another morning, and by today I was fine, though a bit stuffy in the nose, still. Compounded by allergies, I am ALWAY stuffy in the nose, so I figured I could get away with it.

Off to Landskrona we went, and everything went fine, apart from the part where they couldn't get the IV needle into my left hand and after several attempts and a broken vein (!), ended up trying my right hand. And apart from the part where I had breathing issues during the procedure, and they had to keep me under observation for an hour afterwards. ...but FINE! ALL DONE. THANK GOODNESS.

Despite the fact that the last time I posted anything it was still March, I am struggling to remember things I've been trying to keep in my head to post about.

Karin's room is done except for minor details...we're going shopping tomorrow for bed covers, curtains and a rug. She got the idea to frame some of our old record albums, since they had been pulled off the shelves in the computer room (the shelves went into the new storage room) and were laying on the floor for her to peruse. Anders found a place that had frames that perfectly fit an LP cover and she chose 9 and he hung them over her bed. Out of nine, only ONE was mine: The Steve Miller Band. I told her she had to actually LISTEN to the music on the albums (on Spotify) before she was allowed to do this, so we spent one fun evening looking at all our old albums and playing oldies but goodies for each other. She ended up picking 2 Bob Marleys, a Jimmy Cliff, the Beatles, Bunny Wailer, 10CC, Fleetwood Mac and the soundtrack of Paris, Texas. Now, Martin wants to do the same thing, but since he doesn't have a big wall, he only gets to pick 4. :)

Karin also got a MOPED. Look out, world. It's used,...Anders got a steal from a colleague. But it needs to be cleaned and fixed up, and repainted and she can't drive it until she's taken an 8-hour driving course and turned 15 so we have some time to moped-proof THE WORLD.

We finally finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends. Martin and I were both kind of sad about it, but now he's nagging me like crazy to go buy Game of Thrones, Season 3. I'd like to take a TV-watching break, though. I feel like I haven't been reading or writing or anything but watching DVDs.

Martin got his preliminary grades (already!) and his progress report, and is doing really well. His English teacher actually told hiim that she has nothing else to teach him! Which I take issue with, but still: pretty nice to hear.

It's been 9.5 months since I went off soda. Can you believe them colas?

We went to see The Book Thief last weekend. It was EXCELLENT. Martin is reading the book now. I want to go see Saving Mr Banks next...maybe tomorrow, if we have time.

Oh! I was the guest speaker at the Malmö Rotary International meeting this past Monday. I told them all about the AWC Malmö. It was really fun, and 12 other AWC members came to support me and find out a bit about their organization...they are reciprocating with a guest speaker at OUR monthly meeting in May. I didn't know anything about Rotary before going and to be honest, I still don't feel like I know what you get out of belonging to it, but expect I'll find out more when they come speak. I did find out that they meet EVERY week (with guest speakers!), and that you have to attend a certain amount of meetings and be involved on a certain level as a member, and that they review your CV before they approve your membership AND that it costs 2000 SEK per year. That's all INSANE. Our club costs 250 SEK per year and you get PIE NIGHT. Need I say more?

It's full-blown spring here, the kind I like best, where you can see the green buds on everything but they haven't exploded to fullness yet. Where the bird cherry and the horrible thorn tree in the backyard are vying for "most gorgeous clouds of flowery whiteness". Where the fuchsias are glowing, but the lilacs are still to be anticipated. It's been raining and cold all week but it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I can't WAIT.
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Well, thank goodness that's over!

I can't believe Karin is going to be a moped driver. I suppose it will mean she can get herself to and from school/soccer more easily so that will be a bonus but yikes! Mopeds are not such a big thing here and I'm relieved we won't have this to worry about.

Does the English class teach literature or not so much beyond using literature to teach the language?

Yep, mostly for getting to/from school and soccer. We don't expect she'll be driving it much more than between here and Sandby.

The English is basic high school stuff, as far as I know. They've been reading Edgar Allen Poe lately. :)

- I temporarily stopped reading this post in the middle when I saw that Martin had gotten his grades because it reminded me that E should have brought her report card home today and I hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for reminding me. ;)

- I watched the first episode of The West Wing the other night and it was entirely your fault. I tend to hate pilots so I am not judging yet but I did end up liking it.

- I like that you made her listen to the albums before she could frame them. That is a fun idea.

Yay West Wing!

From Megsie

All good things (except the cold!). I am happy that your procedure went okay (that missed vein stuff HURTS! Ouch.), and that it is O-V-E-R. Whew! Our snow is melting and there is some green tinge to the grass, but it has only been a week since we got a foot of snow. I am not calling it "spring" yet, although Nicholas wore SHORTS to school for the past three days. I have not gotten out the flip flops yet. My toes need attention before that happens. I would love to see pictures of Karin's room! I remember when the dragon went up! I am so impressed with your NO POP for NINE months achievement! Good for you! I am super busy...but I am immersed in Elizabeth's Magic of Myth class, and it is SO AWESOME. It is a life changer! I wish you were taking it with Sam and me! xoxoxox

Re: From Megsie

I just hope that in 5 years when it's time to remove this one that I don't have to go through all this rigamarole again!

Shorts! Still too chilly here for that, but I've seen some Swedes wearing them already: insanity.

I wish I was taking Elizabeth's class with you too, but I simply don't have the brainspace... suck.


I'd take AWC over Rotary any day then - PIE!!!


Mmmmmmm PIE!

I hope the cold is long gone. I had one that just kept turning into sinus infections and other things with a final lonngggggg lingering cough. Very inconvenient and annoying. Stuffy all the time here to. We could have a 'Stuffy" club.

Well at last, on the procedure. That was a long time coming. Congrats to be all over with it, Liz.

Another 'yikes' milestone with the kids. Those young sprouts grow up so fast! Moped! Geeze, Dylan will be 5 in June, and they went to look at kindergarten.

I never had that much of a pull to Friends nor Game of Thrones, but maybe I'll look at the pilots. I've seen random Friends episodes long ago. Recommendations from you have never steered me wrong.

And I was wondering about whether to put The Book Thief on my "must see" list. Now I will.

The only thing I know about the Rotary is that they help small charitable causes, hence maybe their dues? Also, remember I think they helped travelertrish with her language adventure to Nepal once, and she spoke at their meeting upon return.

Yup, spring happened here too, seems sort of over night because of the very cool temp we were still having... now we are up in the 50s & 60 s most days. Today the treat of the 70s. I hardly know how to dress.
I've seen lilacs popping. Got to get some. Enjoy.

I can't believe Dylan is already 5 this year! But then it's killing me that my baby girl is turning 15. How does that happen??

I can't recommend Friends the same way I would recommend the others... we watched it partly because I could borrow the whole thing from a friend, and I had never seen lots of it, and it's a sort of cultural milestone that I wanted to relive a bit. It's fun and funny but certainly not life-changing or deep in any way.

I can really recommend reading The Book Thief as well as seeing the movie, by the way :)


Hey, I spent several years involved in Rotary, and will be glad to clue you in. I think they do a whole lot of good in the world, but also that at least in the USA, the membership is primarily Republican and quite conservative, in a rich man's club sort of way. But they sent me to Darjeeling to learn Nepali and they sent Natasha to Sweden to study art curation, and they have a LOT of money to finance stuff they want to do. I can get more specific and detailed if you like.

Re: Rotary

I wouldn't mind hearing more about it. I have had that impression too: rich man's charity club, but the things that you've gotten from it certainly don't seem to fit that picture quite the way I was thinking of it. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that much for membership or have the time for that kind of commitment, though!


There are quite a few non-rich people in Rotary, I have to say, but it is a place that people join who want to network and connect with folks in various business categories. It was originally founded as a networking club, and in fact, one of the rules is that there has to be a diversity of career types in every club. So it should never be a club filled with accountants and another club full of lawyers, etc. Another rule is that politics is an off-limits topic. This isn't easy to enforce, but it's there and thank Goodness for that, since my politics veers so wildly away from most of the club members, that I'm just happy never to have to deal with that aspect. The international focus is what attracted me in the first place. They had scholarships for people to go study for a few months, for a semester, a school year or several years. They fund a scholarship-- FULL RIDE-- for a master's in conflict resolution that is just amazing, held in something like three or four places in the world. If you want to make a difference in the world, Rotary is a great place to marshal the forces that can make that happen. They have the money, they have the mindset to really move things. Rotary has been the driving force behind the eradication of polio in the entire world. It is very very close to being accomplished, thanks in large part to Rotary.

It is expensive to belong, that is true. I generally figured it cost me about $1,000 a year. Some of that went for the weekly meal. And if you really like the folks in your club, that meeting once a week is a really good thing. Unfortunately for me, the club I actually finally joined had three people I really really liked and four guys who were insufferable. I finally had to quit.

Ask me anything you want, Liz. I'm happy to provide either answers or links.

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