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I love spring in Sweden. It's not just the daffodils everywhere or the way the fuchsia glows in the lengthening light or the sheen of green that pours itself over every rolling hill. It's the SHORT WORK WEEKS. Easter is super late this year, and because of it, I have this to look forward to:

This week: 3.5 days of work
Followed by a: 4.5 day weekend
Followed by: 4 days of work
Followed by: 2.5 days of work
Followed by a: 4.5 day weekend
And then at the end of May?
Another 2.5 day work week, followed by ANOTHER 3.5 day work week.

And then after an actual (gasp!) full week of work, a 4 day work week and then? A WEEK OF VACATION.

All that and it's not even summer yet! Whee!
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From Megsie

Oh, this sounds divine! I am under-water with work and class here. I can't wait until summer!

Re: From Megsie

It IS divine! And it was gorgeous today and I actually took the afternoon OFF, so really it's only a THREE-DAY week! :)

Wow! Cool beans.

Cool beans, indeed!


Maybe that will help lessen the work stress! Love, Lizardmom

Anything that helps is great!

this is GOOOd

love love love




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