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I can still remember lots of details, though some things, like conversation or what we were wearing, have faded over the years. I wasn't really interested in dating, but agreed to for a friend who was sure she had found the perfect guy for me: "He's European! You lived in Europe!" I drove out to Linda and Nick's townhouse where we met, and we all went out to dinner at some suburban Chinese place, and then we rented movies and went back to their place. After the first movie, Linda and Nick fell asleep on the sofa and we stayed, sitting and talking and getting to know each other through the second movie (which I had to rent and watch again later and it was really good though now I can't remember the title, though I thought I had it in my head) and into the late hours of the evening.

That was a Friday night. Tax Day. April 15th.

We went out again on Sunday and again on the following Tuesday and I knew that was it. He was it.

Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment at 2 p.m. in Eslöv which is about 20 minutes from work and I decided to just take the afternoon off. It's not stress-free at work, but this week was at least calm enough that I felt like it would be fine. Debbie and Camilla and I had planned to get together and we firmed up timing: meeting in Malmö for coffee and fika when I got done.

We spent a nice couple of hours together and then Camilla had to leave to go study so Debbie and I walked around the city for a bit, shopping (mostly of the window-variety) and talking and then ended up having dinner together at a sushi place, before I headed home. It was a really nice afternoon. I got home just before 8 p.m. and when I walked in to the kitchen, this was waiting for me on the table:

"How lovely!" I exclaimed. Anders came walking into the kitchen just then. "What are these for?" I asked, completely clueless. "20 years of putting up with me," he said.


We're both bad about remembering our WEDDING anniversary every year, but this totally floored me. Getting flowers on the 20th anniversary of the day we met. I love that guy. He WAS it. He still is.
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Awww! That is so sweet. Big props to your friend who spotted him on your behalf!


I am still so happy for you both! Love, Lizardmom

What lovely flowers, sounds like your friend deserves some kind of finder's award! ;)

He's a keeper indeed.

From Megsie

Now MY heart is melting! I love roses. They make me happy. And that orange...oh, how beautiful! Happy 20 years together! Such a happy day! xoxox

What a sweetheart! So glad you found each other! :-)

And it just doesn't get any better than that!

SO awesome!!!!


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