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So far, this has been an absolutely wonderful and relaxing long weekend and there's still the rest of this evening and all of tomorrow to enjoy of it. Karin is up in Gothenburg, participating in the Future Cup Invitational, as goalie for her team. They are playing in the semi-final game tonight, but we can hopefully keep track of the match progress live on the website. They won their first 3 games and she only let in one goal, so she was sounding quite happy when I talked to her a couple of hours ago.

Yesterday, we had some good friends over that we haven't seen in ages and it was so nice to catch up with them. Anders made a fantastic dinner of pulled pork, grilled spare ribs, twice-baked potatoes and fresh asparagus and I made a strawberry meringue cake for dessert. Yum! We've been enjoying the leftovers today.

I couldn't get Martin to go driving again (he claims it was enough that we went yesterday) but I did manage to get him out for a long walk. The sunshine was perfect, the skies beautifully blue and signs of spring were everywhere. We walked all the way across the village and over the river to Flyingeby and walked around the Kungsgård stables, with a stop by the storks as well...and I saw my first pied wagtail! The definitive sign that spring is here! ...but I sure paid the price. By the time we got home, my eyes were red and itching like mad and I was sneezing my head off. Argh.

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