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I've been obsessed with Spotify lately...I went through the million lists of all the songs on all my mixed tapes from college and after (80s! 90s!) and added all the best stuff. Since then I've been haunting the Discover and Browse functions and the app We Are Hunted which finds trending music mentioned on social media. Lots of good stuff out there.

Still, several artists that I love aren't on Spotify or only have limited selections of their work available. I'm looking at you, Peter Gabriel. Where is General Public? And Grace Pool? And Loey Nelson?? And why isn't Vienna Teng's Warm Strangers available?? And sadly, lots of the local bands we used to listen to and go see don't have any presence online at all...disbanded years ago. Still, it's incredible how much music is out there and how much of it is excellent.

For the last almost 3 years, while sitting in the loathed open landscape at work, I wasn't able to play music...oh, I could have played it if I was willing to wear headphones and then take them off and put them on and take them off every few minutes because of people asking me questions, but I tried that and it was a pain, and I finally gave up. Plus those padded noise-cancelling headphones we got for work made my ears sweat. Ew. So, no music.

But after we moved into our 3-person office a couple of months ago, and one of my roommates was gone for a week, I started playing my Spotify list very softly at my desk. And the other one of my roommates said, "O! How nice! Turn it up, please" and the first one said, after she returned, that it didn't bother her because she DOES use headphones, so I've been able to have my music playing (very softly but just loud enough) all day long and it makes me SO HAPPY.

Artists I've Recently Discovered: Dala, Emm Gryner, Hafdis Huld, Galia Arad, Anette Olzon, Oh Laura

Tomorrow is payday and Friday and how happy am I about both of those things? SO HAPPY.

What have you been listening to lately?
mood: happy
music: Cajsa Stina Åkerström—Kanske en ängel


I get why there are big gaps in Spotify's database when the artist doesn't want to have them streaming but the ones that make me scratch my head are where the band doesn't seem to own the rights to their own songs and the record company has ceased to exist and it's just lost.

I am listening to my old tapes too! Literally! But also St. Vincent, Cloud Nothings, Janelle Monae.

Edited at 2014-04-24 09:01 pm (UTC)

ooh, thanks! Will check those out, too :)

From Megsie

I love this post. I love that you are back to a work station that makes you HAPPY! Yay! Gratitude is the best place to be. I am really not listening to anything right now, but I am so grateful for the tulips on my dining room table that I bought for Easter Dinner. I LOVE them. If it would warm up, we may have some growing in our garden soon! Woot!


Re: From Megsie

Tulips! They are everywhere here, such bright pops of color!


I am so glad that you are enjoying music at work- and glad that you are in an office- that all makes it so much happier to be there!
I'm mostly listening to music in my car - enjoying Rodriquez -his album "Coming From Reality". But -also waiting for suggestions from you that you know I would enjoy. I'm stuck in the past! Love, Lizardmom

You'll have to listen to my Spotify list all the time while we are there, so you can find things you like!

Whoever invented open landscape offices should be forced to listen to...oh, something really, really horrible. Just an incredibly stupid idea from the get go! So glad you are finally in an office proper. :-)

I am not listening to a lot lately; I used to listen to 1940s music in the car, but they took over that channel and made it all Billy Joel, all the time, until the end of June. Eesh. Even if you like an artist, listening to *only* that artist 100% of the time will drive you mad. (And I'm not that wild about Billy Joel to start with.) So I've been cycling around among the 1960s channel, the "classic vinyl" channel, and the blues channel. I'm such an old fogey!

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