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Anders recently finished renovating Karin's room, and we bought new bed covers, pillows and frames for her wall. There are still some small details to finish, but they'll get done when they get done. Just to indulge in a little bit of nostalgia, this was Karin's room when we first built and moved into this house:

THEN, in 2009, when she was in the midst of her kick-ass karate ninja career, we re-did her room completely, and it was SO COOL:

BUT NOW! She's no longer a girl. She's a young woman. With sophisticated tastes and a decided interest in her surroundings. ELIZABETH, you probably can't see so well, but the 3 photos over the black dresser are Henry, Ollie and Daisy :)

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Definitely a teenager's room now!

Ain't that the truth!

What a neat trip down memory lane! Love seeing how her space has changed over the years. Definitely a young lady's room now. I kind of want my room to look like that!

I know! Nice and bright and grown-up!

Oh I remember her room redo in 2009 :-) Hard to imagine 5 years has passed since! I still very much dig the decal on the wall, so cool.
But I definitely love her new room set up as well! Love the bedding, and those lps framed on the wall are so neat too. :) Am curious though, what's all those spray bottles on her desk, if I may ask? /nosey *giggles*

Most of them are Victoria's Secret body mists :)

From Megsie

OH!!!! I am so glad you included the past room that I had never seen! That Ninja room WAS cool, and this new one is very sophisticated. Girly, I dare say. I love that she has the three butterscotch pooches displayed. I still miss Henry, and I never even met him. He was just sort of angelic. xoxoxox

Re: From Megsie

Henry was awesome, and I blow him and the other pooches a kiss whenever I'm in Karin's room :)


SO I'm guessing a painting of mine will go above the head of the bed? -need to see those pillows up close! The room looks great - Love, Lizardmom

Will send you pics :)

It's nice and all, but i miss the karate ninja daughter... :)

(ssssh, me too.)


I LOVE that she has photos of Henry, Ollie and Daisy up!


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