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Karin stayed home sick again today: another sore throat. She missed two days of school last week, and I suspect she'll be home tomorrow, too. She's zombied out on the couch, didn't even wake up for dinner, so I know she's REALLY not feeling well. I took her to the clinic this morning, because after she said that her throat was hurting really bad and the glands were really swollen I thought, what the hell? and printed out the absentee record. She missed 6 days of school in the last 20 weeks, 7 if you count today. All for sore throats.

The doctor had a swab test done for strep: negative. He checked her tonsils: normal. It was his opinion that it wasn't really unusual for a kid her age to get a lot of sore throats, but honestly? She's had a sore throat nearly EVERY MONTH for almost 3 years and strep once, in the middle of it. She eats healthy, she exercises, she washes her hands when she goes to the bathroom (which was his very first piece of advice). This is the second time we've brought the concern to a doctor and basically been shrugged off. Not sure what to do next, actually. ARGH.

I made a yummy dinner tonight so I'm writing down the ingredients for posterity. It was easy and thrown together and didn't take much time to prepare: score!

1 pack of bacon
3 chicken breasts
1 cup broccoli florets
1 carrot (peeled into strips and sauteed)
1 large can sliced mushrooms
2.5 dl creme fraiche
soy sauce
worcestershire sauce
white pepper
garlic powder

The lilacs are here! The rapeseed is still glowing strong, and the chestnuts candles have blossomed. The cherry trees are snowing pink along the edges of the roads and fences. It's been raining a lot the past week and quite cold out, but the explosion of green has been phenomenal. All the myriad hues that make up green. It's bursting out summer everywhere you look.

Einar's funeral is next week. It was supposed to be this Friday but there was a mix-up with the priest and it had to be moved. Thankfully, they managed to get the change into the obituary before it was published yesterday in the paper. Anders called and ordered the catering today. The funeral will be at the church in Oxie, the town outside Malmö where Anders grew up, and his parents lived for 40+ years. I've been to a couple of funerals here in Sweden, so I have at least some idea what to expect.

Work is still crazy. I've been feeling pretty alone on the helpdesk of my teammate was on vacation for 2 weeks and when she got back, the other one got sick and is still out. On the plus side, we have a summer worker lined up to help us, though she doesn't start until the middle of June. And hopefully the permanent position will be filled soon as well. That will make me very happy.

I have Wonders here on Friday and I just know I'm going to get major shit about having totally spaced the last one, which I full deserve. I've already planned the menu: Karin's ex-boyfriend's mom's chicken with gorgonzola topping, sauteed zucchini & summer squash, rice, and for dessert: fruit & cookie pizza. Yum!
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From Megsie

Boo to Karin's sore throat. I think it is weird too, and the Doctor is so nonchalant about the whole thing. That drives me crazy. I am glad it is nothing serious, but geez. We had a virus two weeks ago and I. felt. awful. Jeff got it and so did Nicholas. We are all still coughing.

The weather here is still colder than it should be, but yesterday we finally had the first tulip bloom. Today there are several more ready to open! We saw two geese and their goslings cross the street in front of us yesterday as well. So, even if Mother Nature is trying to prevent spring? Spring is still springing. We also finally have some tiny, tiny leaves on the trees. Jeff was convinced that they were dead. Nope. Just too cold. I can't WAIT for the Lilacs!

This week is finals. I am giving one right now, in fact. I have a major paper (for the class I am taking) due on Wednesday, and have to grade the finals and then, I. am. done. I. Can't. Wait.

Have fun with the Wonders!

Re: From Megsie

Are your finals early? I know universities in the States are finishing up and graduations have been happening, but we still have a month of school left here.

From Megsie

Oooooo....Oooooo.... I forgot! Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful, wonderful mother! xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

Right back at you! I hope it was an EXCELLENT one!

I just took a walk out on campus and the giant lilac bush is blooming and the air smells lovely!! If only they could last longer, it's one of my favorite scents ever!

If only all of it would last longer...but then maybe we wouldn't appreciate it as much!

Sorry Karin has been under the weather. :-( No fun to feel crummy, and then have to do make-up work afterwards, too. Especially when it's practically on a monthly basis...

Dinner sounds DELICIOUS! And YAY! for lilacs! Ours haven't started yet; I'm waiting impatiently. This Winter just dragged on for so long, and now the weather is turning Summery with practically no Spring. Even the forsythia have been late.

Hope you get a new staffer soon -- sounds like you really are in need of them.

Yes to all of those things!!

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