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As always, in the spring, all the gorgeous colors and blooming madness everywhere make me grab for my camera. I notice, especially when driving, how much closer in everything is...the horizon is harder to see, grass and fields and trees hide the far corners of the sky. The bones of the world are covered in greenery and it's all so THICK. Usually I prefer photos of people, and I've taken some of those too, but I wanted to gather some of the flower photos here, a pictorial paean to spring.

The horse across the ditch got curious when we were taking photos of the lilacs :D

and that isn't even the half of it. No photos of the rapeseed this year, it's all gone to green. None of the daffodils that wended (went?) their way around the edges of every yard, none of the fields full to bursting of tiny yellow suns—dandelions now gone to puff and seed. The honeysuckle is just starting and though the roses in Malmö are blooming wide and deep, our are still cinched tight. The cherry blossoms are all gone, but yesterday I discovered the tree in our backyard is full to bursting with small, hard, green fruit. Oh boy!

It's been a crazy busy weekend but ultimately a deeply relaxing one, too. A work party Friday where the first act of the evening was a favorite Swedish comedian (Henrik Schyffert), a wedding party for a friend yesterday, and Swedish mother's day today: a slow and easy morning followed by an afternoon with Anders' mom, a walk full of flowers and lovely presents from my family.

The next two weeks are short ones, with holiday long weekends and suddenly it's June. JUNE! Every year, every month, every week, I say the same and marvel equally: time FLIES.
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From Megsie

Oh! Thank you for sharing those beautiful blooms. We are just beginning the true spring with the crabapple trees blooming just now. No lilacs yet. The blankets on the bed have been thinning and last night I was down to the sheet. The birds are out and singing and I think, maybe we will be snow-free from here on out! Yay!

Re: From Megsie

You have it all ahead of you still!

Lovely, Liz.
Our lilacs are long gone and I miss them.
Both busy and relaxing is an awesome accomplishment to manage.

They never last long enough. Ours have faded substantially. Almost gone, so sad!


Lovely photos. My lilac bush is barely thriving not many blooms and lots of dead branches. Love seeing the flowers through your camera's eye! Love, Lizardmom

It needs some TLC!

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