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O! Long weekend, how I am happy to see you! It's Wednesday evening, a half-day today that ended even earlier since I had a doctor's appointment to get my hurty shoulder checked out (inflammation, referral to naprapat, possible cortisone injection if that doesn't work) at 11:30. The wind was blowing hard this morning but now it's cool and still and the sky is so blue it hurts...not a cloud in sight.

We have no plans for the weekend to go anywhere or do anything special...though some of us have things we want to do. Anders is going biking with friends (prep training for Vättern Runt in a few weeks) and Karin is at the pool tonight with friends. Martin will probably say no to driving but I'll get him to go at least one of the days. I have a short list of things I want to accomplish, and I already did one of them so woot!
  • Upload AWC minutes & newsletter PDF
  • Sew ripped seams in pants and shirt
  • eFile FBAR
  • Weed vegetable garden and rose bed
  • Clean out last things from porch and wipe down porch furniture
  • Repot pansies with pelargoniums or other summer flowers
  • Get net for the cherry tree and put it up!
  • Clean bathroom thoroughly
  • Confirm possible summer concert dates with Emily
  • Confirm Copenhagen play date with Debbie & Camilla
  • Read read read
Most of that will take less than a day if I'm motivated and then I can devote the rest to reading :)

I can't believe it's nearly June. June! The weeds are thick and grassy everywhere. Our back rose bed is full of cat shit, too, from all the neighbor cats that apparently think it's the perfect outdoor litter box. Not looking forward to weeding that, I can tell you! I haven't heard of any reliable way to keep the cats out of there, either, short of fencing it somehow.

I just looked out the window and the little boy next door has written a message in water on the side of their garage in giant letters. He used a water bottle to squirt it out: "Liam is BEST". Haha!

Next week is a short week, too. Yay!
Tags: calendargirl, thisisjusttosay
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