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This has been a nearly perfect long weekend. Perfect weather, perfect amount of things to do, perfect amount of sleeping in. There was sushi and sunshine and summer flowers. A not-too-long to-do list with almost everything checked off and then some. Time with family and time to myself. One book finished and another begun. And an anniversary to celebrate.

The yard looks beautiful, well, at least it looks, like Martin says, as if someone cares about it. Anders clipped the hedge and pulled all the long grass and weeds from around the cherry tree and set a ring of stones about it, filled in with bark. I bought and filled all the pots with summer flowers: snapdragons, daisies, calendula, pelargoniums...in bright, eye-catching color combos. Anders is digging up the front garden bed and redoing it, moving all the stones to the back and side of the of the garage. We'll be planting new stuff in the front: maybe some hostas, or some other easy low-growing ground covers.

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. For once, I remembered! haha! It's hard to believe how fast the time goes...it doesn't feel at all like 18 years at the same time it feels like forever. When I look at the pictures, we look so young, though we were old for a first wedding. That was a good day, a perfect day in so many ways. Matches this weekend, perfectly. :)

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