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This morning, around 10 a.m., my colleague Anette came into my office and told me how much she loved the shirt Karin had on today...she had just been at the ICA grocery store in Södra Sandby, the next village over from ours, where Karin goes to school, and seen her with a couple of friends just hopping off their bikes and going in to the store.

"They looked so young, and beautiful and carefree," she said to me. My reaction, since my daughter was supposed to be at school, was: "What the hell was she doing at ICA?!" So I sent Karin an SMS to ask, knowing she'd be freaked out...

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From Megsie

This is AWESOME. Mothers have their ways... Hahahahaha!

When we were in high school, we used to have parties when my mom was out of town. One time, someone got stuck in the bathroom because the handle was tricky. So they pulled the shade on the window all the way up, then opened the window, went outside, shut the window, came back in to the house and opened the door from the other side. But no one ever put the window shade back down and all night long, anyone who used that bathroom was on view to anyone who happened by on the main street of our town. Of course one of my mother's friends drove past and noticed and then asked her what kind of party had she had over the weekend? Busted! There were a few more of those kind of stories before we figured out how to keep our parties more low key. ;-)

Eek! Some of the things people have been recalling are SCARY stuff for a mom to hear! :D

Here's where I feel I'll have the upper hand. There's nothing my kids can get into that my siblings or I didn't already do and probably at a younger age than they'll try it too.

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