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We're halfway through the long weekend and once again I would like it to never end, plskthx. Think I'm ready for vacation?? O yes, indeed. And now I have 2 full weeks before my first week of vacation and then 3 full weeks before the rest of, which granted, is 4 weeks, so I will have to suck it up and wait. Still: so hard!

Yesterday was Sweden's National Day, the reason for this particular long weekend, as opposed to Ascension Day (last weekend's reason) or whatever the reasons were for all the long weekends back in the beginning of May. Like any good Swede, we had no idea what to do with ourselves, and mostly, I cleaned house. I also went into work for a couple of hours because there were people needing ads and ads can't wait for national days, and then, for dinner, we ate the most quintessential of Sweden National Day meals... pizza. LAME! No strawberries, no herring, no new potatoes...that's for MIDSUMMER, silly.

Today, Anders had a bunch of work colleagues over after canoeing on the Kävlinge river all day and I took the kids into Lund, and we went shopping for end-of-school stuff. Karin found a darling little twirly black skirt with a white crop-top and pretty black flats, and Martin got a blazer and a nice dress shirt. SKIRT! BLAZER! Am a bit boggled. Karin also found a pretty geometric-patterned black-and-white long skirt with two long slits up each side (it's fine, they don't go all the way up) and then she and I dropped Martin off at a friend's house and we went to see Divergent and had sushi after. The movie was good, though not great...I've heard the books are good YA but haven't gotten around to reading them.

Anders made his awesome pulled pork, twice-baked potatoes and coleslaw and I hope there are leftovers, but I suspect there isn't much...there never is of this particular meal. Everyone LOVES it.

I am 2 weeks away from being a full year soda-free. Or nearly...I have had soda a handful of times throughout the year: my birthday, Christmas, etc., but all in all, I'm pretty pleased with how it's gone. The only thing of the reasons that I decided to try going soda-free was because I had read and heard that it would help with weight-loss. And if anything, the opposite has been true for me. :( Probably not because of the no-soda but because I managed to over-compensate for its loss in every possible way. So re-thinking is, again, in order. But I'll stick it out for the next 2 weeks before I make any changes or decision.

Tomorrow we have no definite plans, though I think we'll probably spend a few hours with Anders' mom. I haven't managed to find time to go driving with Martin either, so that needs to be a priority tomorrow. A whole 'nother day off. Such luxury!
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They are so yummy! He bakes the potatoes (big baking potatoes), cuts them in half, scoops out the inside, stomps it good with creme fraiche, västerbotten ost and salt...he said about 2.5 dl creme fraiche and a bag of shredded cheese for 8 potatoes. Plus a little of the shredded cheese on top. Then put it back in the potato skins and bake again until golden!

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