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I was so glad for the fact that I didn't have a lot of meetings today at work...I thought I'd be able to get a ton of work done, especially on a couple of complicated layout projects that needed some extra time and focus. The morning was spent getting the monthly enews (33 different versions/languages) finalized for distribution but after lunch, I was going to hunker down and chip away at those projects until they surrendered.

Except, I got a phone call at 1:20, and it was a young woman whose name I didn't hear at first, calling to tell me that Martin had had an accident and they were on the way to the hospital by ambulance.

"What?? What happened??" I said.

"He fell out of a tree, and his shoulder is dislocated," she told me.

Urrgh... "Okay," I said, "I'll meet you there."

I shut down my project, my computer, grabbed my phone and purse and told my boss I was leaving. As I headed toward the elevator, I dialed Anders to let him know and just then the elevator door started closing on me, whacked into my arm and my phone went flying. It hit the wall of the elevator and then the floor and went black. "AAAAGH!" I cried, and snatched it up off the floor. I could hear Anders saying Hello? Hello? and realized it was still working, even though I couldn't see anything. So I told him what was up, and then hoped I'd managed to actually hang up.

The hospital is right down the street from work and I actually beat Martin there by a couple of minutes, even with parking and walking from the garage the emergency room. They brought him in on a gurney, shirtless and covered in a blanket, his right hand clutching his left arm to hold it immobile.

Once we were settled in the room, I got the full story. They were in the middle of a water fight, which he'd been telling me the plans for the day before. 7 or 8 of his schoolmates were with him, and they were at a friend's house after school had ended for the day (short days this week as the last official school day is Friday) after lunch. The friend has a tree house and Martin and his accomplices were up in it firing water balloons down on their hapless foes.

On his way down from the tree house, he slipped on the ladder and went down sideways, hitting his shoulder first on the ladder (and then, said his friend, on a fence) before landing in bushes 2.5 meters (15 feet) below. The kids freaked out, thinking first he was dead, and then realizing he couldn't move, they called 112 (which is the European 911) and after a Q&A from the dispatcher requiring several tests on Martin: can he wiggle his fingers, is he conscious, etc., they sent an ambulance.

They had to cut his t-shirt off him, and he managed to come away without his shoes or socks and with soaking wet clothes, but hey! First ambulance ride!

We were only in the room for about 10 minutes before the doctor came in and talked to him, and then another 15-20 minutes before he taken to X-Ray. Then we waited about half an hour for the results to come back: not dislocated... broken. The arm, right where it meets the shoulder. The doctor told us we'd get a call-back next week and they'd make a decision then as the break was borderline for requiring an operation...I assume to put pins in or something. Meanwhile, here's a sling and some're free to go.

In and out of the emergency room in 2 hours! Unbelievable. We made a stop at the pharmacy which took another half an hour and then home where, of course, he managed right away to figure out how to hold the Playstation controller and play without moving his arm.

At least he won't have to get a cast. And I might get a new iPhone out of the day. Silver linings.

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music: Sabina Ddumba—Scarred For Life


Glad to hear he's ok (more or less). Though it sucks to be injured right at the start of summer break, I'm sure it's a summer he'll never forget :-).

Oh, now I understand why no cast, if it's up at the shoulder that would be very hard to do. My niece and nephew have broken collarbones, dislocated shoulders, etc., and a sling has been the resulting remedy. Ingrid's pins were at her elbow but half the pin was below the skin and half above so I'm imagining it would be different for Martin if they couldn't put a cast over the pins to keep them from knocking into things. Gross! Poor guy, I hope the pain isn't too awful.

Edited at 2014-06-11 10:03 pm (UTC)

Such excitement! I'm relieved along with you that all is well. And silver linings is what it's all about. Great pic and a family story for times to come. ;)

I thought 999 was the 911 in Europe, which I think is better because it's simple and easy to "dial"! ...At least the ones and the two are adjoining numbers! Stupid America. *snort*


Sorry to hear the exact location- that sounds much worse than "broken arm"!
Hope Martin is doing okay - and hope the pain stays at bay. Love

isn't he a little old for tree houses? ;-)

thank god he didn't land on his head...

One is never to old for treehouses! *g*

Ouch! Good that his friends were sensible enough to call for help. It is a shame about the timing. Maybe you'll get your project done some day soon!

Oy what a scare!! And a nasty break, too, from the sounds of it. I hope the painkillers will do their trick and he won't be having more then discomfort.. it sounds so painful. But hey, first ambulance ride ;-) At least he'll have something to tell later right? I hope the ride wasn't too uncomfortable (I always kept worrying I'd fall of the gurney even though I was strapped down tight.. was a good sidetrack from the chestpain and all though lol). I hope you won't have to much issues with your workload and getting caught up now that you missed hours at work unexpected, good luck!

From Megsie

How scary to get a phone call like that! They may have had to take me to the hospital for a heart attack. I am glad that Martin is relatively okay, although a broken arm at the shoulder sounds awful. And surgery? Ugh.

That picture of him up there killed me, with his little blue booties.

Hope you can get your project done today!

Ouch. Poor Martin.
At least you can walk with a broken arm, though clothing choices and dressing oneself become interesting. There are so many things they do not tell you. (Like how to wash your hair with only one hand. There is a website though.)

Good luck to Martin, on his maybe surgery, summer, and recovery.

I'm glad he's ok Liz!!

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