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Wheeee! Vacation! At least a week plus 1 day, plus 2 weekends, so altogether 10 days off! I didn't get everything done that I wanted to at work, but it wasn't my fault...late responses or no responses from people I was waiting for answers from, and a miscalculation with an IT person that came to fix a problem and ended up making it worse so that I lost nearly an hour and a half of working time. But, whatever: vacation!

Martin has to have surgery on his arm. We went to the hospital call-back on Wednesday, a week after the incident, and the doctor went through the new x-rays with us and explained the situation...the end of his arm bone head of his humerus is twisted/tipped backwards, straining the muscles and while it will still heal, it won't heal WELL and he could end up with motion restriction, movement issues and chronic pain. So they have to go in and adjust it. That means he has to be put under, which he's glad about because he doesn't want them to do surgery with him awake. We don't know how long the surgery will take or how long after he'll have to stay...a great deal depends on how he feels after and how long it takes him to recover from the anesthesia.

But we hope it will go smoothly and quickly and we'll be able to head up north Monday evening or Tuesday morning at the latest. He's been doing pretty well all this week, though taking pain medication still, and it's too bad this will be a set-back and that it means longer before he'll be really healed. He can dress himself except for his shirt (and buttons) and he can shower himself (with a handy Saran Wrap sling I made him!) and he's been sleeping okay propped with LOTS of pillows on the sofa. But still...it's amazing how much you miss the use of an arm and how much it affects EVERYTHING. He says he never realized before how much you use your arms to balance, walk, bend down, sit up, etc. Or that laughing and coughing would hurt his arm. He's also COVERED in huge yellow and green bruises all over his legs, arm and sides from the fall. My poor baby boy!

Tomorrow is midsommar and I hope the weather improves...we had an absolutely perfect hot summer week until today when it suddenly turned COLD and windy and rainy. Brrr! We're going to our friends' Barbara and Paul, but sadly she won't be there...emergency trip home to her mom who is in the last stage of lung cancer. :( She was emphatic that the party was still on, whether she was there or not, so off we go with 7 liters of strawberries in hand.

Saturday, my brother John and Simone and the boys arrive! John is driving up from Germany, timing it to arrive at approximately the same time as I get home from the airport with his family who are flying up instead. I can't wait! We haven't seen John in 2 years!! Can that be right?? And a new baby nephew to meet, yay!

Martin just came home from a friend's house, and since he walked home in the rain (with a borrowed umbrella), his pants were wet, so I told him to "get out of his pants" and then I had to unbutton them for him. Even if he IS my kid and even if he HAS a BROKEN ARM, it's still a bit disconcerting.

Oh! I almost forgot! I passed my one year no-soda anniversary! I have to say I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment, even if I DID have a handful of sodas during the year. My celebration Coke was sure yummy, haha! :D
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