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Good things for remembering
  • The sounds a baby makes when he's content
  • Walking and talking with my husband during the long hospital wait
  • A woozy Martin smiling from the recovery room bed
  • Simone's Maultaschen, yum yum!
  • The green and blue of leaves and water
  • The way Sammy runs: flat-out
  • Reading Blue Hat Green Hat to Sammy and laughing like loons
  • Spotify quizzes with John and Anders and the kids
  • Simone's victory dance when Germany won the group game against the USA in the World Cup
  • Not needing the fans we brought and being able to have the bedroom window cracked at night...mmmm cool night air
  • Karin playing soccer with, and Martin reading Pettsson & Findus to, Sammy
  • Making it halfway around Blå Jungfrun
  • John offering to see me safely back to the boat and being super patient with me on the way
  • Martin making it all the way to the TOP of Blå Jungfrun despite his broken arm
  • Karin and John bonding
  • Watching baby Jake figure out how to sit up from a prone position and ALMOST figure out crawling
  • Successful arm surgery for Martin even if it means PINS STICKING OUT OF HIS ARM for 5 weeks
  • A long lovely walk through the peninsula and woods
  • Visiting the Dödarhultarn museum and seeing some great wood carvings with Anders
  • Playing Famous People in the car on the way home and Martin trying to come up with a third colonel after we guessed his first two: Colonel Sanders and Colonel Mustard
  • Coming home to a tree FULL of cherries!
Good things for forgetting
  • 12 hours of waiting at the hospital
  • Standing by Martin's side at the operating table as they put him under
  • The hilariously bad artwork in our cottage
  • Too much thinking about work
  • Waking up at 5 a.m. the first day of work after vacation
  • Nearly not making it back to the bathroom after a long walk
  • Vertigo on the steep & slippery rock faces of Blå Jungfrun
  • Swollen feet
  • Seasickness on the boat back from the island
  • Bringing 5 books with me and only managing to read what had to be the least satisfying one
  • Martin's first hipster haircut: mah baby is gone! *sob*
  • The fact that I have to work now for 3 more weeks before REAL vacation starts
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