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Everyone took lots of photos while John and Simone were visiting, which makes me really happy. It's ridiculous that we let 2 years pass since the last time we saw them. It's not like they live on the other side of the ocean...It's 2 years since I've seen my sister and her family as well, but since they DO live on the other side of the ocean, it at least make some sense. Plus we'll get to see them in just a few more weeks, so yay!

Simone and the boys flew up to Copenhagen the day after Midsummer Eve and John drove up during that same day, arriving just a couple of hours after they did. We went to Skånes Djurpark, a lovely zoo about 40 minutes north of us, on Sunday, and on Monday we sent Karin up with them to the cabin we had rented in Vånevik while Anders and I stayed here for Martin's arm operation. We had hoped that we would get in early (he had to be at the hospital at 9 a.m.), and out early as well so we could go on up the same day if all went well, but as it turned out, he didn't go into surgery until 2 p.m. and wasn't out of recovery until after 4 at which point they decided to keep him overnight. I went in Tuesday morning to bust him out of the hospital but we didn't get away until after 1 p.m. We got up to Vånevik in time for dinner, and the week went marvelously after that.

Cabin in Vånevik

Dock with boat

View across the water

We went to an open-air stonecutter's museum, on several walks/rides, into Oskarshamn, and Anders and I visited the Dödarhultaren sculpture museum. We spent one day on Öland exploring the Borgholm castle ruins and walking around the gardens at Soliden, the royal family's summer estate. We took the boat from Oskarshamn over to Blå Jungfrun and walked all over the rocky and steep island. There were evening trips out on the boat into the bay, and hikes through the forest, and even some World Cup soccer cheering.

On the boat to Blå Jungfrun

The easy part

Throne room at Borgholm: King John

We miss them already...the house is definitely too quiet again!

Photo credits: John Slaughter, Anders Ek, Karin Ek, Liz Slaughter-Ek
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