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What is up with the tired? I come home from work and by 5 pm I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. If I sit down on the sofa, it's all over: I wake up 2 hours later. If I power through and do things around the house, by the time 8:30 rolls around, I have to prop my eyelids up with sticks and they ACHE with tiredness.

I'm not tired when I get up, even though I'm not sleeping all that well (too warm, too bright, gotta pee, whatever)

I'm not tired at work.

It's just when I get home and start to relax a bit.

Today I worked until 7 pm trying to get through the million ads I want to send out, that are due while I'm on vacation. I made it through about 3/4s of them. It is a LOT of ads going out. I also worked late because I didn't get into the office until 11:30 am.

We were at the hospital this morning, at 10 am, for x-rays and then the consultation with the doctor. It was a different doctor than the one we saw first and when he came in the room, I thought, where's the doctor? The doctor can't be this CHILD. Seriously, he couldn't have been older than 20. But he was brisk and efficient, and he told us that Martin's x-rays looked great and he was healing really well, and he was going to take the pins out right now.

"Wait, what?" said Martin.

"Yep! Right now! You won't feel a thing. Or at least not much of a thing!"

And the doctor unwrapped his bandage and pulled off the gauze and yanked out the first pin while Martin was still boggling.

"One down! Two to go!" said the doctor.

Martin turned his head back and said, "Wait, what?? You already took one out?"

"Two down!"

When he pulled on the third one, the head of it came off, and he had to pull again, but it came out just as quick.

He put the pins in a little tray and I boggled a bit myself... they were FIVE INCHES LONG.

"Do you want to take them home?" asked the nurse, who was putting a band-aid over the holes.

"WHAT? NO." said Martin.

"Oh," she said, a trifle surprised. "Most people want them as a sort of trophy."

"C'mon, Martin, please??" I begged.



Then we went to the physical therapist and she gave him a bunch of exercises to do every day, at which he got really depressed, and asked me if I was sure his old sling wasn't at home. Nope. No sling.

No pins! No sling! YAY!
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I have that same tired, Liz!

Oh, and glad Martin didn't feel his pins coming out. I felt one of my three. It was a VERY WEIRD feeling.
Neither did I keep them. The xray of them in was enough for me as a trophy. I couldn't even look at them.

We didn't get the x-ray, I forgot to ask, though we have the first one. Darn!

From Megsie

Hooray! Martin is FREE of PINS STICKING OUT OF HIM. You all survived!

I am totally down with the tired as well. I go to bed with the kids! I think it is only because I CAN right now.

Sending you Hugs and BIG LOVE! xoxoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

He's pretty happy, too. But his arm is SO weak!! It's like a noodle!

Sounds like you need vacation. Lucky you, it's now! If you're still plagued by the tired when you're back at work though, it may be worth checking with a doctor.

Probably need iron!

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