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A whole week off at home and I almost don't know what to do with myself. Hours of unplanned time. Leisurely swathes of luxury to read or nap or putter around the house. No plans.

We leave on Saturday for 3 weeks and I am doing nothing much so far, about it. Oh, there's a slowly growing pile of things on the dining room table and laundry in, but I'm not feeling stressed or rushed or panicked or worried...although I did have a bit of spaz-out moment last night when, talking to my mom, I realized I hadn't written down "CHECK-IN" on the to-do list for the week. Whew!

Most of the things on my to-do list for the week are already crossed off, and the only big thing left is PACK, for which I've designated all of Friday so that we can do it at a relaxed pace. And our house sitter is coming over on Friday as well to learn the ropes and get the keys, so I feel like everything is totally under control...just the way I like it. :)

Today, Martin is in Lund hanging out with friends (again), Karin is at Lomma beach for the second day in a row, Anders is at work, and I am enjoying the summer breezes. Reading. Blogging, having a popsicle.

It's been beautiful all week, literally Sweden summer at its absolute best, and I'm hoping that Toronto and Michigan won't be too hot and muggy to make me wish I'd stayed home for the whole summer.
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From Megsie

This post is the best. THE BEST. Calming, inspiring. It makes me happy. We have had THE BEST summer weather-wise in my opinion here too...except for the flooding rain at the beginning. It has been in the 70s (F) or 80s with low humidity. Sunday and Monday were "normal" 90s and humid and gross, but yesterday the humidity was gone and even though it was in the high 80s it felt MUCH cooler. It makes for a wonderful summer with windows open and cool breezes to spare.

My gut is starting to clench with the stuff left to do before school begins for me. I have done A LOT, but there is just as much left to do. Yesterday I boycotted everything and did very little but nap (and run my kids to play practice, and art class, and dance, and home from a friend's house and to the grocery store, and to drop off tennis camp registration). I am officially sick of my taxi driving.

Today is crunch time with my new class. I have a meeting tomorrow to choose chapters for my text book. I have no idea what I want for my textbook. UGH!

I just got up to begin my Wednesday. I hope it is as wonderful as yours sounds! And? I wish you a wonderful rest of today and a wonderful Thursday as well. Then...PACKING!!! YIPPEE!

This is what "retirement" feels like, girl. Take in these moments and know that you have a nice big swath of them coming, at some point.


There's no way you'll feel like you should have stayed home....when you'll get time with your sister, Russell & Kathey,a massage from Sher, time with your 98 yr old Grandma and relaxing time with me in my peaceful woods! And many more plus's! Love, Lizardmom

Sounds wonderful! What are you reading this summer? Anything good? I'm enjoying summer vicariously this year (too busy with grad school), and always curious what other people are reading...I'm making a list of books to check out when I'm done and have time to read again. :-)

You enjoy that unplanned time, Liz. We all get far to little of that.
And have a wonderful trip.

Typical! I was going to ask if you want to have lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday. Well, enjoy Michigan and say hi to the black squirrels for me! :)

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