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I didn't think it was going fast while it was going but suddenly, here we are at the tail end of summer and the good times are OVER. We spent the entire weekend traveling home and arrived here at 8 pm last night. I actually slept well almost all night and worked all day without turning into a zombie, though I could feel the jetlag creeping up my eyelids by about 3 pm. The kids start school tomorrow and it's rained for 2 days straight, both signs that autumn has definitely begun.

Camilla, my awesome friend, and our housesitter extraordinaire, kept the fish and the plants alive while we were gone. We brought her Sanders chocolate fudge caramels from Michigan and maple syrup candies from Canada. NOM.

My birthday celebration went on for about 2 weeks and I don't think it's actually over yet. When you have a big one, the celebrations should last all year, right?

Our week in Toronto was super fun, though very expensive, since we had to meet all 3 meals out every day (no breakfast included at the hotel, what's up with that?). Every time I go to North America, I'm struck all over again by sticker shock. I should remember by now that prices go UP, and when you've been away for nearly 20 years, prices will not be at 1996 levels.

We did all the requisite touristy things in Toronto. Highlights included Canada's Wonderland, the islands, the distillery district, Chinatown, the CN tower revolving restaurant dinner and Church Street's rainbow street crossings. Poor Anders couldn't get anyone to go with him to the Hockey Hall of Fame. We also spent a day at Niagara which was great fun. Now I've been there 4 times and I still haven't been on the boat. But we went down below, behind the falls, and figured that was wet enough :)

I got to spend oodles of time with my mom, my sister, her family, my friends Kathey & Russell. And I got to see my grandma, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathey, and several of my cousin's kids. Time got away from us, though...we didn't see everyone we would have liked to. Ah well, next time!

I have LOTS of photos but jetlag is telling me it's nearly bedtime. Jetlag is telling me it's time to put the computer down and put the nightgown on. YAWN.

Remind me to tell you about the game Martin invented.
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