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We had several people boggle at us when we made the announcement that we had chosen Toronto for our BIG birthday trip. Even the border patrol goggled at my sister on her way into the Canada, when she answered the question about whether she was entering the country for business or leisure. "What the heck are you going to do in Toronto for a week?" he sputtered. Granted it wasn't our first choice, but it turned out to be a good one. We had a fantastic time, and I've got the photos to prove it!

Martin & Karin face off on either side of a very pointy building

Karin at the Rock & Roll exhibit, Ontario Science Center

Bryce and Karin at Canada's Wonderland...Bryce doesn't look so amused

I wasn't the only one celebrating a birthday; my mom had hers while we were there! Happy birthday to my great mom!

Best views from the Canada side, it's true!

Kathey & Russell styling in blue plastic

Who cares about the group shot, look at that waterfall!

Behind the falls

The peaceful beauty of the Toronto islands

Liz & Kathey on the stupidest ride EVER

Big chair, big kids

Fancy dinner at the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN tower

Looking down the CN Tower elevator

Beautiful necklace birthday present from Kathey & Russell!

Joke gift box got Russell! It was filled with books about ice cream (his hobby!) and Swedish gifflar cinnamon rolls

My sister's gift to me was packaged in a HUGE box, wrapped in black wrapping paper and carried, much to the bemusement of the staff and other guests, up the CN tower, through security and into the restaurant. It was filled with 50 balloons and in each one, was a uniquely folded 1 dollar bill. Crazy seester!

There are lots more photos from the week in Canada, but I have to stop somewhere!
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