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Weekends just go too fast where there are only 2 days to them. I can't believe it's already September. You know what that means, don't you?

Only 115 days left until Christmas!

We already had a neighborhood child here yesterday, selling jultidningar. I don't know if this is only a Swedish thing, or if it's common across Europe, but every fall we get a couple of kids at the door who are going around with "Christmas catalogs" and selling the items in them. They get a small percentage of the money they take in. The catalogs are usually full of books, calendars, Christmas things like candy and cards, some movies and kitchen accessories. Every year I buy a family planner calendar and usually some cards or candy. This year, there was actually a perfect, albeit expensive, Christmas present for someone in my family, so I ordered that as well.

I don't want to think about Christmas yet. Eek.

We went to a crayfish party last night, an annual event among our group of Anders' old Scout friends. Someone hosts it every year, and this is the second year in a row that we've been at the Nordströms. It was really fun, but man, was I tired today, since we didn't get home until nearly 1 a.m. Crayfish parties are also a Swedish thing, heralding the end of summer. I don't do whole crayfish, though...I buy the pre-peeled tails instead. Anders made a yummy chicken & gorgonzola quiche to take with, and we devoured the leftovers today.

It's been pouring rain for 2 days, and it was really coming down yesterday at the party. Lars had to poke a broomstick at the makeshift tarp roof he had rigged over the porch (it was quite cosy) to let the water run off, which it did with a resounding splash. We heard today from Anders' mom and then saw on the news, that there was massive flooding in Malmö and all over Skåne. Shades of our flooding-experience in Detroit, mom!

Anders leaves in the morning for 2 weeks of work in Italy. Ugh. He hasn't traveled very much at all in the past year so I suppose I shouldn't complain but I don't like it when he's gone for so long. Even if I'm in the middle of planning my OWN business trip of 2 weeks for later in the fall, haha!

I don't really feel like I have much to write about. This is more about me wanting to stay in the writing swing than having anything much to say. I had thought to put up photos from the Michigan portion of our trip but when I went to look at them, it turned out there weren't many other than 100+ photos of the bonfire and the smoke from it that Karin took the day they gathered wood from my mom's treeline. :)
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I miss crayfish parties so much...

Anders and his Tetra Pak buddies had one when he first moved to Chicago...they couldn't find crayfish anywhere though and ended up having to order them from Oregon. And when they came, they were ALIVE!

If you were at the Nordström's last night, why didn't I see you? Ha, ha!

I've only been to one crayfish party and I didn't like it. Partly it was that I'm not fond of fiddly, messy food. But mostly it was because everyone there got hopelessly drunk really fast after endless vodka toasts and rounds of group singing (something else I loathe). It's no fun being the only sober person in a room full of drunks. I've refused all further crayfish party invitations since.

I've seen some footage of the rain in Skåne on SVT. Even a bus caught in a viaduct who needed to be rescued. It's unbelievable. Here on the east coast, we've had 18C and sunshine for the last week and for the forseeable future. I'm not complaining as it will be autumn soon enough. I love this Indian summer weather.

Christmas.... aarrgghh! I don't want to think about that yet. But you are right - already the "order your julamaryllus" or "book your julbord" invitations are coming in already.

♫Jingle bells, jingle bells.....♫

I was petting the dog, you must have missed me!

I'm used to being the only sober person at all parties, since I don't drink... but there are usually some others who are driving as well, so I'm not always alone.

From Megsie

"I don't want to think about Christmas yet. Eek."


Your crayfish party sounds fun. There is nothing like fun friends and then leftovers. Somehow food always tastes better after a night in the fridge.

We have had a little bit of rain, but the flooding that we had in early summer has ended. We had flash floods all over the place complete with lakes and creeks coming out of their boarders and streets under water. It was a challenge trying to get to some of our destinations.

I hope your two weeks as a single parent go smoothly. It is hard being the only one in charge. And, where will YOU be going when you ditch Anders?

For someone who didn't have much to write about, you certainly wrote a most excellent post (sans the CHRISTMAS talk) as you always do!

We went canoeing down the St. Croix river on Saturday, and past two towns that were sister cities with Sweden towns and I totally thought of you! I was happy that Minnesota and Sweden were connected.

Sending hugs your way...xoxoxox

Re: From Megsie

I HAVE to bring it up. I have STEEL myself! haha!

I will be going to the Boston office, but I am hoping to combine it with a week of vacation, to see family as well! Whee!

Canoeing is so fun. We used to do it at least once a year, but we haven't done it in ages. Minnesota has a lot of Swedish cool that you saw two sister towns!

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