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I can't figure out if I should go to Boston and work the week BEFORE Thanksgiving week or the week AFTER with the assumption that I will be at my sister's with my mom FOR Thanksgiving week itself. The trip is already approved by my boss with the week of vacation attached, and my family has grudgingly, though not without a far amount of grumbling on the part of the children, accepted my absence for Thanksgiving, which means moving our own annual Turkey Day celebration up by 1 or 2 weekends or down by 1 (which causes it to land in the same weekend as Martin's birthday).

The people I am going to work with in Boston don't have a preference. My team doesn't have a preference. My mom and my sister don't care either way since they are mostly excited about Thanksgiving week... what to do, what to do. I guess I will have to get prices on the 2 alternatives and let the expenditure make the call.

I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since I moved to Sweden 17.5 years ago. While I would really like it much much better if I could bring Anders and the kids with me, that isn't an option (they're in school, also we just spent a fortune on vacation in the States), so I have to suck it up and enjoy it all on my own, muahaha!

I'm a little worried about my sister's dogs who were, shall we say, not at all convinced I was the perfectly warmhearted kind loving person that I am, but I'll let her deal with that.

Woot! Thanksgiving in Murica! Bring on the stuffing!

But first... work week before? or week after? Hmmmmmmm Just realized that either way I'll miss the November AWC meeting and holiday cookie exchange. Bummer!
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Would you rather be here for pre-Thanksgiving sights, sounds, smells and tastes, or pre-Christmas ones? There isn't a whole lot of restraint anymore when it comes to holding off on the Christmas ads before Thanksgiving but it's pervasive and non-stop once you pass it.

Me, I love Thanksgiving the most and having more fall-like meals and smells and beers before the onslaught of Christmas is the way to go. I'd do week before. Plus, the closer to winter you get, the greater your chances for bad weather and flight delays.

We should do lunch or something since you'll be so near my office!

From Megsie

I would work before so I could play after. How awesome that you will be home for a holiday...I love Thanksgiving!


Talked with Sam- and they had planned to head south about the 22nd- but maybe can change it so have time to see you. So for a visit with them, likely the week before! Love, Lizardmom

Exciting news! I know how big Thanksgiving is in the States and you must miss being with family at that time. I was inclined to agree with Megsie. I'd prefer to work first and then know I could relax totally the following week, rather than have the thought of work hanging over me. Whatever you choose I know you'll have a ball.

Doesn't the saying go "business before pleasure"? :)

I was going to say, "work first", but then I thought, that means when you go back to work in Sweden it will be on top of both post-vacation-let-down and jet-lag, simultaneously. Whereas, if you work the second week in Boston, that would at least let you sort of ease back into it...

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