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I was going to post this week, more than once, but have been prevented by massive flare-up of the inflammation in my arm & shoulder I've been dealing with now for what feels like years. Pinched nerve two years ago started the whole thing and it has never really gone away completely, coming back with painful regularity.

This time it started hurting last week and by Thursday was so painful I left work after lunch. My arm was totally useless, no strength in it and stabbing pain constant; worse when I tried to move my arm either in front of or behind me. Makes it fun to go to the bathroom, I can tell you.

I went to work on Friday, the eternal optimist, but after only 2 hours gave up and retreated home again to medicate. Thank goodness Martin still had a box left of his codeine painkillers from HIS arm...I've been stoned all weekend, mostly sleeping and trying not to move my left arm. Not easy, considering it's my dominant arm, which I use for writing, lifting, eating, EVERYTHING.

I had to cancel the appointment I made in haste at the naprapat on Friday, couldn't even consider someone touching, much less manipulating, the arm at that point, and called to get another appointment with the doctor I saw in the early summer. No times on Friday, sadly, but I have an appointment on Monday at 11:45 and expect he will give me a cortisone shot. Which, though I've heard removes the pain instantly, I've also heard about how much the shot itself hurts and am really not looking forward to it, even if the pain of the shot can't compare at all to the pain the arm has been causing me all week. UGH.

So my planned post about 10 books that have stayed with me (tagged by Bethany) is still in the can since typing this is the most I have been at the computer in 4 days.

More soon, I hope, when I am pain-free again!
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Ouch. Sorry to hear about all that pain, but how convenient you could be "stoned all weekend" with Martin's meds.
I have kept my old leftover painkillers from my surgery and broken bones last year just in case any such need arises.

Get better quickly, Liz.

I hope the cortisone shot helps!

Ow. Sorry you have a hurty arm, but it sounds like just the perfect kind of injury that reponds well to cortisone.

BTW, know that often cortisone shots ache intensely 24 hours after you receive it, as the cortisone "sets up" and sparks nerve endings. This is entirely normal. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it's best to be forewarned so you don't freak out.

Ouchie. Sorry to hear you're in such pain. I hope the cortisone shot will do wonders. Feel better! LJ Posts can wait till typing isn't so painful no more!


I've had two cortisone shots.

The first was in my lower back, when I was having constant, excruciating pain and was no longer able to walk. When they gave me the shot, two things happened simultaneously. First, every bit of my back pain went away. And second, a wave of pain shot down one side of my butt and into my leg. I came back out into the hallway where Kathey was waiting, and I was laughing hysterically. I was so happy the back pain was finally gone, but couldn't walk straight from the new pain in my leg -- but I knew it was temporary, and the happiness of being finally rid of the back pain made it all worthwhile. The leg pain was gone after a day or so, and the back pain never came back.

The other shot was in my knee. I knew going in what the shot was going to be like, so I had lots of questions about what kind of new pain I could expect in some other nearby area. But this time there was no new pain anywhere else, and it just took care of the pain in my knee.

My understanding is that it gets rid of inflammation that's so far gone you can't get rid of it any other way. And as long as you don't have too many in the same year, it's considered safe. For me, it's been a wonder-drug -- hopefully it'll be the same for you.



Good luck with the shot!!! Hope it works like Russell's second one! I will be thinking of you when I gat up at 5 am which I think is right about the time of your appointment! Will send lots of feel good vibes.😀
Lots of love, Seester

From Megsie

Ow. Ow. OOOOOWWWWW. I hope you are feeling absolutely better after that shot tomorrow. I can't wait to read about your books, so kick some arm pain ass! xoxoxoxo

Sorry to hear that. Sympathy.

Oh Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about the pain. I really hope you get some relief with the cortisone shot. I've not had much luck with them on my knee, but I've heard of people who speak of it as an instant cure.

I did giggle at the thought of you on the loo ... What about doing up your bra? That's one that kills me (I have Kienbock's disease in my right wrist - thank goodness I'm left handed is all I can say!)

Meanwhile, milk it for what you can and get waited on hand and foot by the kids :-)

Oh, dear. Nerve pain is the pits. Hopefully, by now you're pain-free and on the mend! *sends healing thoughts*

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