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Dang it, there went time again, flying. Every time I write the word flying now, I have to delete the e I automatically add to the end. Flyinge. (where I live, you know)

We spent most of yesterday evening watching three old videotapes that Anders' mom gave us when we were dropping her off yesterday after her appointment at the physical therapist (hers was after mine, my arm is MUCH better, thank goodness). She's slowly cleaning out some of Einar's closet junk and getting rid of stuff.

One was a video Anders had made shortly after he moved downtown to the apartment in Chicago (that I later moved into with him) of the waterfront, his apartment, MY apartment (complete with my kitties Pooka & Toby....aaaah!!!) and one of his hockey games, plus a round at the Tetra Pak office.

The second one was old family home movies of him as a baby at the zoo with his parents, then as a 5-year-old with his family at Christmas, and then a really old one of his dad and brother at their parents' home when they were young men. So fun to see! HIS CHEEKS. Man, alive. Nom City.

The last one was OUR WEDDING!! hahahaha! It's the tape that my cousin's husband Andrew made and I had forgotten that he taped so MUCH. I'm still mad at my brother, John, for not cutting off that godawful ponytail. And I'm mad at everyone else for not telling me that my barette of silk roses was CROOKED. He taped a bit of the rehearsal dinner, the ENTIRE ceremony and nearly all of the reception (at least highlights of people's speeches, and such) until the dancing started.

So funny to see everyone so YOUNG and thin and the guys with so much hair! And to be reminded of those who have passed on, my mom's cousin Anne and Becky's Chris, and especially my Dad. I had tears in my eyes more than once during the course of it, and Karin said she did, too.

It was fun to sit there with the kids and explain things and tell them who people were... so much more alive than the photo albums no one ever looks at. Of course, if we don't get this transferred soon from VHS, no one will look at this ever either...

It made me miss my old friends that I have so little contact with now, and it made me miss US and how young we were and it made me miss Chicago, too. Karin thought it wasn't fair that she and Martin weren't invited, though. Hee! Hard to believe it was nearly 20 years ago. Again, with the flying(e) time!
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From Megsie

What fun to see old movies! I got a little lump in my throat when you mentioned your dad. As my dad slowly (or quickly...) declines I long to see the younger version that was so full of life. Sigh. xoxoxxo

Re: From Megsie

We don't have ANY home movies from my childhood, as far as I know. Lots and lots of photos, but no video. Sad!!


I hope you'll remember to show them again when I'm visiting -what good memories! And, how wonderful for your children to see the "ancient" history of their family. Love, Lizardmom

You don't even know WHEN you'll be visiting! Get on that, stat!


Well, at least I know when I won't be visiting - that's a start. Waiting on John's schedule to even think about coming to Europe. Actually I'm hoping to talk him into coming here next summer- so they get the free trip for Jake before he turns two. Love, Lizardmom

What a lot of fun it sounds like, watching the old movies, especially to see your dad on film, your wedding...

Good to hear your arm is much better. Those frozen shoulders can be painful and linger. I know!

It's not 100% but it sure is better compared to three weeks ago.

I like the play with the word Flyinge and am embarrassed to say that I'd never thought of it before. *hangs head in shame*

Great to hear that your shoulder is on the mend. It can take some time to get it working 100%, but I bet than any improvement is more than welcome.

What a hoot looking at old home movies. So many fun times and memories to tug at the funny bone (and the heart strings). I can imagine that Anders was a damn cute little boy. His cheeks are still rosy and pinchable, so I can just picture him as a tot.

"I'm mad at everyone else for not telling me that my barette of silk roses was CROOKED." That's better than at my cousin's wedding, where she went to the toilet at the reception and came out with her dress bunched in her knickers at the back and toilet paper trailing from her shoe. And people just took pictures. If it was today, they'd be Tweeting it as well :-)

Now you better work on lizardmom and get her to visit so you can reminisce together.

You would have thought of it if you typed it as much as I do :D

I can't believe people did that to your cousin! Fie, for shame!


Old videos are awesome -- definitely, get them converted to disk so that you don't lose the ability to share them! My dad got old family films (the silent, hand-cranked kind) from the '40s converted, and they're a hoot to watch.

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