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Dang it, there went time again, flying. Every time I write the word flying now, I have to delete the e I automatically add to the end. Flyinge. (where I live, you know)

We spent most of yesterday evening watching three old videotapes that Anders' mom gave us when we were dropping her off yesterday after her appointment at the physical therapist (hers was after mine, my arm is MUCH better, thank goodness). She's slowly cleaning out some of Einar's closet junk and getting rid of stuff.

One was a video Anders had made shortly after he moved downtown to the apartment in Chicago (that I later moved into with him) of the waterfront, his apartment, MY apartment (complete with my kitties Pooka & Toby....aaaah!!!) and one of his hockey games, plus a round at the Tetra Pak office.

The second one was old family home movies of him as a baby at the zoo with his parents, then as a 5-year-old with his family at Christmas, and then a really old one of his dad and brother at their parents' home when they were young men. So fun to see! HIS CHEEKS. Man, alive. Nom City.

The last one was OUR WEDDING!! hahahaha! It's the tape that my cousin's husband Andrew made and I had forgotten that he taped so MUCH. I'm still mad at my brother, John, for not cutting off that godawful ponytail. And I'm mad at everyone else for not telling me that my barette of silk roses was CROOKED. He taped a bit of the rehearsal dinner, the ENTIRE ceremony and nearly all of the reception (at least highlights of people's speeches, and such) until the dancing started.

So funny to see everyone so YOUNG and thin and the guys with so much hair! And to be reminded of those who have passed on, my mom's cousin Anne and Becky's Chris, and especially my Dad. I had tears in my eyes more than once during the course of it, and Karin said she did, too.

It was fun to sit there with the kids and explain things and tell them who people were... so much more alive than the photo albums no one ever looks at. Of course, if we don't get this transferred soon from VHS, no one will look at this ever either...

It made me miss my old friends that I have so little contact with now, and it made me miss US and how young we were and it made me miss Chicago, too. Karin thought it wasn't fair that she and Martin weren't invited, though. Hee! Hard to believe it was nearly 20 years ago. Again, with the flying(e) time!
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