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I am not going to make it through the teenage years.
mood: frustrated
music: none, just me


This may be a good time to take up drinking :-)

Amen, sister.

Edited at 2014-10-05 06:25 pm (UTC)

Teenage years.

I hope to make TO the Teenage years...
Sammy asked me the other day how much older I am than he is...
"did the math" and not sure what to think.

hmmm. at least I know the Pangborn clan has good genes.


Re: Teenage years.

True. Still, you're old. :P

From Megsie

Oh, no. Sending thoughts of solidarity to you. WE CAN DO IT. (You remember that poster, right? From the WAR ERA?) Also sending a big, HUGE hug. xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I'm sure I can do it. Just not neatly or nicely.

Re: From Megsie

War is never neat or nice! And there is the poster! Right under me!

My sympathies. Can't say I'm looking forward to it myself and we're just one month in.

At least I'll know I'm not alone!

I made it Liz.
I am here to tell you that you will make it, although there will be many many times you will doubt that.

I don't know... this might be the end of me.


Ha ha! There will be times...!

and lots of 'em!

there, there, yes ... .. you will

you made it through infancy and no sleep--- search for a SHORT STORY called "poltergeists" by Jane Shapiro it was in the 1993 (?) Best American Short Story collection .. .. you will feel such relief after you read it

and? know that this will pass-- you just need to keep breathing. xoxo, e

Re: there, there, yes ... .. you will

I did make it through infancy and no sleep and you're right, but UGH. This is HARD.

um, that was me

ha ha

This too will pass...

I wonder if lizardmom is sitting home chuckling to herself? Or were you "the model teenager"? I need input from Bro and Big Sis on this one :-)

And this is especially for you... Remember, don't get mad, get even. Why should THEY have all the fun?

Re: This too will pass...

I was an angel child. In every way. No, really.

Re: This too will pass...

Why am I having trouble believing that? :-)

Honestly, Liz, it's a hugely stressful time. And one can appreciate the theory of them testing boundaries and acting out in an environment where they feel safe and loved and which will tolerate their outbursts. But actually having the reality aggressively thrust in your face is quite confronting. I constantly wondered where my lovely sunny, happy, loving little girl went. But you know, she blossomed and matured into a fine, intelligent, sensible, responsible, loving and very witty young woman that I'm proud to call my daughter. If you'd seen the white faced Goth 16 year old version, spitting venom and sneering at me, you'd never have thought it possible.

Though, I did despair at times, I admit.

Re: This too will pass...

Angel....WAHAHAHA! hurts from laughing so much. That should sum it up. Although I will admit I had the "bad" kid reputation. She really was the "less" caught kid. And yes Lizardmom is home chuckling. And John.. Yes you are old!
Love from the leetle beeg seester!

Re: This too will pass...

I knew it! She's a Fallen Angel! I was hoping someone who knew her back then could confirm it. Thankyou leetle beeg seester.

She really was the "less" caught kid. Ha! That sounds like my sister, Kathy. We used to call her The Teflon Kid as nothing seemed to stick to her, even though she was as up to her neck in trouble as the rest of us.

Re: This too will pass...

She's so full of it. Just trying to deflect attention from her delinquent past.

Re: This too will pass...

Full of all that you keep shoveling at me! Hah!!! I admit to my delinquent past. And own it. You should too. It really is somewhat freeing. And I thank you ( find a picture of someone being dunked under water and title it danke to add to that awesome picture thingy below!

Re: This too will pass...

Well, we must be doing something right... she's not spitting venom... exactly. :D

Here is what I *think* I know: Your family has been very tight, close, loving and fun-having. The teenage years are CRAP, but those bonds you formed with your children, and they formed with one another, will still be there when this all blows over. All that wonderful parenting is going to pay off, just as bad parenting does!

That was a lovely thing to hear... thank you!

This too, shall pass. Pretty soon the kids will be in their 20s, and you'll be missing their teenage years...

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