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Things I'm kind of worried about: getting pneumonia again from this head cold, whether or not my shoulder will get all busted up again from traveling, how to stop sounding like I'm 80 what with the pneumonia and busted shoulder

Things I'm kind of aggravated about: my daughter's insistence that I am lying to her about the fact that I have NEVER said certain things, the way my eyes get blurry when I look at my iPhone or iPad too long, the fact that I have to start wearing socks again (it's COLD)

Things I'm kind of geeky about: Where's My Water 2, word- and language-related facts and games, my Spotify playlist

Things I'm kind of quiet about: what I really think about certain people, things that worry me, all this stuff rattling around in my brain

Things I'm kind of anal about: re-reading all the books in a series before I can read the latest, keeping the same routines for morning get-ready and evening go-to-bed, checking and re-checking my posts for grammatical and spelling errors

Things I'm kind of clever about: convincing people without even trying that I'm much more social than I actually am, coming up with names for things, remembering people's names and often the names of their children too (though I never ever know what kind of car they drive, or even what color it is even if I've known them for years)

Things I'm kind of sad about: how fast winter is coming, how far away my family feels sometimes, my own lack of motivation

Things I'm kind of embarrassed about: the chair that collapsed with me in it, the fact that every time I eat I spill something (!) on my shirt, the fact that there are so many items for this particular list that I am too embarrassed to add to it

Things I'm kind of wistful about: the sugar beets on the side of the road (harbingers of fall), the flame-tipped maples, the neighbor's cat who comes to say hello and be petted and who hangs around sometimes for an hour or so but who always leaves again

Things I'm kind of proud about: the fact that my boss had to remove my numbers from the work statistics because I skewed them too much, that I get so much done each day I sometimes think I'll run out of things to do, that I've started walking at work with a colleague (only 15 minutes after lunch so far each day but it's a start)

Things I'm kind of spoiled about: my husband's cooking, my children's really excellent behavior (despite our battles), a job I love

Things I'm kind of happy about: the Kindle I would never have bought for myself, the shiatsu neck massager that I just gave myself for an early Christmas present, the things I'm looking forward to which include Thanksgiving both here and at home

What are your things?
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WOW, I want to tell you my things Liz, after your excellent list, but it will have to wait until A.W. (After wedding, my niece, next Sunday..)


Things I'm kind of worried about: Family things. My grown kidlets and their various challenges as well as how they are (or rather aren't) all getting along at the moment.
Oh, and finances. And the finances of my daughter. And the state of my old car. I am worried about that a bit.

Things I'm kind of aggravated about: The $80 parking ticket I got in Portland. Apparently I parked too soon in the same area, though I had left the area and returned, it was not me just moving my car a block away when my time expired.
Nowhere was it posted that re-parking within a certain time frame was prohibited. I could easily have parked somewhere else if I had known.
The signage only told me that I ("visitors") had 2 hours of parking between the hours of 7am-7pm unless they had a permit.
I parked while visiting a bookstore and then left the area. My kids asked me to lunch back in the area I had been in earlier, so when I saw a parking place, I parked.
Ouch. $80

Things I'm kind of geeky about: I don't know what I am geeky about. Do you?**

Things I'm kind of quiet about: *I am quiet about things that I am sad, embarrassed, or angry about. And also I'm usually quiet about finances.

Things I'm kind of anal about: I really don't like anyone else to use my bed, even if I am out of town. Oh, also my knives must be rinsed, wiped, and put away after every use. Hey, maybe I''m a cooking knife geek. Does that qualify for "geeky" as well as anal?**

Things I'm kind of clever about: Putting food together. Sometimes.

*Things I'm kind of sad about: All sorts of things come up from time to time in this category. *But I am often quiet about them.

Things I'm kind of embarrassed about: I will have to think on this one. I am too embarrassed to remember what I am embarrassed about.

Things I'm kind of wistful about: Bathtubs & backyards. I miss having both.

Things I'm kind of proud about: My grown children. All of them, warts and all. And my grandson. What a fine little guy he is.

Things I'm kind of spoiled about: Well, good cookbooks. There is a plethora of good vegan cookbooks anymore. I can remember when there was really only one I could refer to much. And I am so spoiled about things I take for granted like clean water to drink. Hot water to bathe in. Electricity to cook with and light lamps by. Those sorts of things. Oh, and a car to take me here and there.

Things I'm kind of happy about: Living alone in my own place with plenty of time to myself, yet plenty of nearby friends.

What a great list. You have some really good things on here. But UGH about that parking ticket!!

From Megsie

How much do I love this! I just love everything about it. I especially love that YOU SKEWED THE NUMBERS! Woot! That is an awesome thing to be proud about. I am so glad you showed up here today. I kinda needed you. xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I kinda need you too, and am SO glad you comment on my posts and give me such lovely affirmations!

What a great post, Liz! I'm afraid most of my list is unprintable, especially the bits about worries, aggravation, sad and embarrassed. Nada under proud or clever either.

But snap on food wearing! The bane of my life. I keep blaming my ample shelf-like boobs for capturing what ends up on other people's napkins on their lap. But you can be sure that I'll be wearing any sauce or custard being served.

And double snap on the Kindle. Also bought for me (against my will) but which I now love as I can access Australian books that are impossible to find here. And I always have a book with me wherever I go, as it's so light and easy to pop in my handbag.

I do hope your nasty cold and shoulder get better soon. And that you have a wonderful time in The States.

I had to think hard for some of those categories!

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