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Laughed until I cried after reading this in Mimi Smartypants' archives:

You know these little capsules that you put in warm water and a foam animal emerges? Do you? Well, get some. And do them inside your mouth, with beer. This was great fun recently, at a bar with Kat I had one in my mouth, almost finished exploding, when a guy sat down near us and said, "Hi" in that I'm-going-to-chat-you-up way. I held up a finger to say, "Wait a minute," leaned over the bar, and spat a foam brontosaurus onto the bar top. He didn't stay long. It was beautiful.

ahahahahahaha!! I love that woman.
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That was a great story! And I think I will become legendary as a substitute teacher if I bring in enough for every student and we all do it with water in our mouths.

Oh, I must try that someday! :)

Ha! That sounds hilarious. As long as I don't end up choking myself. Can you imagine the headline? Women dies choking on foam brontosaurus. How dignified.

LOL! You did it to me, too! ahahahahaha!

Ack! See, now that you mentioned the choking potential, it will surely happen to me!

Great story, though. :)

I'm sure courtesy knows that party trick! I see I have to add Mimi to my daily reading :)

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