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I'm having a bit of a blank spot. Writer's block. Been there, wrote that.

According to LinkedIn, it was my 10-year work anniversary yesterday. I'm not sure how LinkedIn knows, since I don't even remember exactly which day I started with this company. I knew it was October, but I'd have to do some digging to figure out which day it was.


Well! That was easy! Helps to have a blog that I used to post on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. What the heck did I find to write about?? I just went back in my archives and I started work on October 18. So now I know. LinkedIn was totally jumping the gun.

When you start a full-time job at my company, they give you a bicycle. A really nice one. In the company colors of red & yellow. Basket and everything. I still have it and it is still where it usually is... in the garage. It would be a great bike to have if we lived in town. It's a town kind of bike. But out here in the countryside, where there are really only roads that people drive fast on, it's not for me.

I've heard that when you hit your 10 year anniversary at my company, they give you... another bicycle. Presumably because the first one has worn out after 10 years? I don't know but I do know that I don't want or need another bicycle. I don't know if I can get it changed for something else, but at the moment I can't think of anything else equivalent. They probably won't give me an electric car instead. Ideas?

10 years! That's the longest I've been at one place. I was at First Chicago for 7.5 years, I think. What I actually do hasn't changed all that much since I started, though it has also grown...but other things have changed enormously. The company has grown like crazy, for instance. When I started, the marketing department consisted of 7 people. Now we're over 60 and still growing. I was the only graphic designer (for years). Now I'm part of a team of 9 (some of whom are project managers) and a sub-department of 16.

I've had 5 bosses. I've moved to 6 different locations. I've moved into and thankfully, out of, open landscaping. I've lost a landline and gained a second monitor. I've gained an adjustable-height desk. I've become SENIOR. I could happily stay at this job, this job I love, for another 10 years (or more).

As long as they don't plan on giving me YET ANOTHER bicycle then.
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Take the bike!! How could you say no to a free bicycle?! But then, I have four myself and several others that the children have outgrown down in the basement so clearly, I'm not the norm.

I don't know what other sort of rewards there might be but suggest it to someone soon before they order the bike. Then you'll be stuck with it and have to give it to me. ;-)

If I can't get an alternative, I will take the bike. But then, I will sell it.

From Megsie

I am not a bike rider either. I don't have one. The last one I did have got stolen, and it was in the first year of my marriage. Jeff has a bike, but I don't know if he took it out even once this summer. My kids ride their bikes around, but nowhere near how much I used to bike before I drove. We biked EVERYWHERE. I really don't know what I would have done without one.

Congratulations on your work anniversary! I love reading that you love your job so much. I love mine too, most of the time!

Re: From Megsie

It's so nice when you love your job!

I still remember how desperately unhappy you were in the dying throes of your last job, so I'm thrilled to bits that you have found work and a work environment that you love. Long may it last!

I can see that a bike is a good gift if you lived in Lund itself, but totally agree that you'd soon be roadkill being pecked at by a nurder of crows if you attempted to ride from Flyinge to Lund. Those roads are scary.

I know, right? If I can't get a substitute for the bike, I'll take the bike, but then I'll sell it. Apparently they are worth quite a lot of money!


Congrats! It's the best thing in the world to have a job you love!


It is a great thing, that's for sure!

Congratulations on the anniversary!

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