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Did I mention I started walking again? Finally? Baby steps, really, but at least it's progress. One of my colleagues, who is also a friend, is helping to motivate me, along with herself. It's only 15 minutes after lunch, but it's better than the big fat nothing which it's been for far, far too long. We actually started 2 weeks ago... we managed 2 days, and then I got sick. And then she got sick.

But now, no excuses, every day, even if one of us isn't there and even if it's raining, which it was today. There are a couple of other people who have said they want to go, too, but honestly, it's easier just with two, and two who are really committed. I have my walking shoes at work (though I either have to start bringing them back and forth every day, OR buying another pair so I can walk at home, too), so there are NO EXCUSES.

I moved the treadmill out of hibernation this weekend too and made a start walking at home, as well. Went for a walk on Saturday with both kids in the beautiful fall weather, and yesterday I walked for nearly half an hour on the treadmill. I even bought a DVD box set so I'd have something new to watch while I walk: more motivation.

I've also started standing more at work. I had actually started a couple of weeks ago, because of my stupid shoulder. We had an off-site team meeting last Wednesday that was really fun and the guest speaker my boss had arranged was very timely. A woman who is a physical therapist, life and nutrition coach. She talked about how bad it is to sit as much as we all do nowadays and encouraged us to find ways to get more active.

I put the desk up before I leave in the evening and in the mornings, when I arrive, I stand for the first hour of work. During the day, I try to stand for at least another hour's worth as well, and my goal is to eventually be able to stand at least half the work day. My entire team is helping to encourage and remind each other as well. Sometimes, as soon as one of my roommate's desks goes up, the other two will rise. Then we'll all stand for awhile before someone finally gets tired and sits again. Although, there is a lot of nudging about taking the stairs (we're on the 4th floor), I've not been able to start that knees won't take it. I'm hoping that as I get more endurance with walking and standing, I can start that as well.

One of the AWC members who had organized an online diet & exercise group last year is doing it again and sent me an invitation, but I've learned my lesson. I tried it, but it's too much for me to do it that way, and actually de-motivating, watching & listening to everyone else talk endlessly about weight and weight loss and exercise. I have to do it my way, or it just doesn't happen.

Now I just need to work portion control into the mix, and maybe I'll finally see some results. :)

Views from the walk

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Walking is good. I've lost 20 lbs recently by walking/treadmill alone!

Seriously?? That is all, just walking/treadmill? That is awesome. How systematic are you? How much do you do at once? Share!!

I do exercise 4-5 days a week, half an hour at a minimum (often 45 min- 1 hour). And I don't eat much sugar anymore, so there's that...

About two years ago someone told me, "sitting is the new smoking" and I laughed, and then realized, oh, uh, I sit about a pack a day. Half of my coworkers now have those adjustable standing desks but I have trouble standing for very long before my back starts complaining. I suppose it's a little bit like the chicken and the egg, but like you said, baby steps. Good luck!

She said that, too, about sitting being the new smoking. Kind of scary when you think about it!

From Megsie

Your fall photos are gorgeous! It is raining and windy tonight here, but it began AFTER I got home so it is okay. A very busy day today, and another tomorrow, but I am hopeful that the rest of the week will settle down.

I am so proud of you walking! I also sit a pack a day. That is such a vivid analogy. It is true! I just am too tired to think about it right now. But I will live through your example! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

It's been pretty rainy and damp here, too... I happened to hit a nice spot this weekend! :)

Gorgeous fall colors up your way. It's a great time of year to be out and walking, talking, seeing...Good for you for not missing this!

All times are good times, for walking... except maybe February :D

Hasn't the autumn been beautiful the last couple of years? I love the colours and the huge number of berries on the bushes. The birds will have plenty to feast on this winter.

Walking is brilliant exercise and going with a friend makes it feel much less like a chore and more like fun. I know that I'm grateful to have an energetic little dog, as I have definite sloth tendencies and she gets my arse moving every day. I might not look forward to crawling out of bed and going out on a 10km walk, but she is always so full of beans that the time passes really quickly and I get to see the seasons at close range. It's also relaxing and a great way to empty your mind and reduce stress. I see it as a total win. I walk with a friend and his two dogs most mornings and over the week we cover every square inch of the town, the coastline, the woods and the wetlands. Nothing gets past us :-)

I thought fall started out pretty dull this year, since we didn't have any frost, but it ramped up quite a bit the last couple of weeks. Now the leaves are all falling, which is just depressing.

I wish so much we could have a dog. ...definitely would be a HUGE plus on the motivation side!


I'm so glad that you are walking again - and wonderful that you have a standing desk too- Good for you!! Now I plan to use your motivation to get me walking! It slipped off my schedule when we came back from Toronto and hasn't show up again. Although I did do 1 morning yoga - had hoped it would continue, but.... Love, Lizardmom

Fred and I are trying hard to keep up with the gym -- we manage to go twice a week and do our walking, but it's not enough. We really need to go every day, and it's HARD to get that motivated! I keep thinking that things will get easier when grad school is done, but when it actually *is* done, it will be the dark of Winter :-( and almost time for our office to move to Concord, which will leave a lot less time for going to the gym in the evenings. I think the real trick would be to go in the mornings, before work, if we can drag our sorry backsides out from under the covers...

Lovely photos. The foliage here is at peak; even on a rainy day like today, the colors are blazing outside my window.

Also: GO, YOU! ;-)

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