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Despite all my best intentions, I seem to be lucky if I manage to write a post once a week. I am so lame.

We've been having torrential downpours here for over a week. Huge puddles of standing water in the roads, lakes in all the fields, and the ditch around our lot is running with water all day. We've had armageddon clouds and grey skies for what feels like forever. Yesterday, there was actually about an hour or so of sun right in the middle of the day when I went for my lunch walk, and today, it was only spitting a bit when we went out, though it turned dark and began bucketing down again about an hour later.

Got the okay on my Christmas vacation time off, and I got everything I asked for, which means about 2.5 weeks off for only sacrificing 4 vacation days. WOOT! Thanks, Christmas and New Year's, for falling in the middle of the week. Axis very kindly gives us two in-between days. They call them pinch-days here, ...I actually can't remember what they're called in the States. Bridge-days? It's the Friday after New Year's, and the Monday before Epiphany.

I'm feeling the need for some time off, though I'm not desperate, and I'll have Thanksgiving week as well, so all in all, I have a lot to look forward to! I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done soon, so that I can take things home with me and not have to mail them.


Karin is considering doing a year of high school in the States, but we found out today that she will for sure have to re-do the year here in Sweden. There is no way around it and no way to test out of it. A year of high school in the States counts for nothing, grade-wise, here. So she has to decide what to do, and she's really torn. If she has to repeat a year, she'll be behind all her friends. But the experience and the fun she'll have in the States (with the expectation that she has the RIGHT kind of fun...) are very tempting.

Hard to give her advice as well, since I'm torn myself. I have always thought it would be great if my kids could do a year or so of school away but at the same time, I dread them leaving, and as far as I'm concerned, they can just as well stay here. I can't imagine my life, or my daily routine, without them. Sounds pathetic, I'm sure, and I know every parent has to face it sooner or later, but—and this is something I NEVER thought I'd say—right now, I choose later.
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We were up against this decision with Amélie, and ultimately decided it was worth repeating the year for. So at 15, she became a sophomore at a high school in Michigan. It was a phenomenal year for her in so many ways, and I think was quite valuable in laying the groundwork for what she is doing now in an anglo-saxon university.

That said, it was awfully tough to have such a young child be so far away. She came home at Christmas, and again in May to take an entrance exam for her French high school. The year went by fast and Skype was vital for us.

No regrets at all. It really served to enforce the American side of her identity, and she was able to partake in so many of those activities so dear to small-town America, like cheerleading, yearbook, the high school musical, choir, and other electives that don't exist here in France.

I'd look deeply into the "must repeat the year" clause. In fact, had we pushed it, Amélie could have gone right in to her proper grade upon return. After all, an American moving over here would not be asked to repeat the entire school cycle, right? I saw many expat kids be put right into their normal school year when coming over from the States. I should've challenged the school's "rule" because I know now it was not set in stone.

Thanks for your input, and the does seem worth it in so many ways. We don't have any of those electives here in Sweden either. I will do some more checking about the repeat requirement as well. I think it's crazy. If she can test out of it, what is the point??

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