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I was thinking about doing NaNoBloPoMoHOHO this year but I missed the first of November and honestly? I have no idea what to write about most days. Or I'm too tired. Or I'm busy. Or distracted (have you played Find the Line?). Or forgetful. In short, I am lame.
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Wear glasses when reading!

Just a reminder to myself as I read the last line as "I am in lamé" and spluttered my tea. Not that you wouldn't look freaking hilarious wonderful in lamé, but is it suitable office wear for Lund on any other day than Halloween?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I've never done that November challenge thing because as soon as I have an order to do something, I just want to disobey. Instead I do silly things like a Twelve Days of Christmas series, full of absolute nonsense astute insights. I might revive it this year if I can get my few remaining brain cells in gear.

Re: Wear glasses when reading!

LOL. lamé indeed!

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