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I was thinking about doing NaNoBloPoMoHOHO this year but I missed the first of November and honestly? I have no idea what to write about most days. Or I'm too tired. Or I'm busy. Or distracted (have you played Find the Line?). Or forgetful. In short, I am lame.
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I agree with Megsie. Just do it Liz. You can even wear lamé if you want : )

Haaa. I will if you will.

Wait, am I agreeing to wear Lamé?

YES! YES, you are! :P

See my reply below to oswede.

And we need a picture of you in lamé. In this age of Instagram etc if there's no picture, it didn't happen!

I am "lamé" too, and don't do instagram, no smart phone, etc...
But if Liz gives us a photo of her toes, I guess I will have to go out and get some lamé and my 'old fashioned' digital camera in hand...
Just sayin, Liz's toes first. Liz??

Snap on the no smart phone and instagram. I know of these things, but am selectively deaf or suddenly very busy in the kitchen if people try to discuss them with me. I was quoting my kids who badger me to join Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Whatsapp etc - if it's not on one of those social wastes of time, then it didn't happen.

Hmmm... a lamé fest. I'm having visions of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or some sad 80s disco :-)

Toe-tally ain't happening.

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