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Found this great online Stamp Library for collage/scrapbooking!

and this journal (1 page, but so worth it) totally cracked me up today: kim_jong_il__
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Great site! Thanks very much!

Cool, thanks! And such great resolutions, too -- I feel a collage coming on! :)

I cracked up at that journal! I've seen some others that I like too. I'm not sure if it's updated or not but this blog was pretty funny.

That was hilarious, thanks Marie! :) I especially liked the ironing board entry as I've done that myself many a time. LOL!

omg that kicks ass! I want to make a giant art piece with fairy images and swedish stamps...thank you!!

You're welcome! :) I hope you'll post your piece on storybookland. :) I'm really enjoying that community!!

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