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I just drove Martin in to Lund to drop him off at the train station (he's going to a movie with a friend in Malmö) and it was nearly pitch black out... the streetlights weren't on yet, but light was nearly gone from the sky. They WERE on when I returned back through our village at 5 o'clock. And it's still nearly two months until the shortest day. UGH.

Every year, the darkness of this time of the year gets harder to bear. The only respite is the month of December when everyone's windows are lit up by advent candelabras. We go to work in the darkness and it's dark again before we leave to come home. The window of daylight is so short and that's assuming it's not cloudy and/or raining.

Last night, Karin was at a friend's and when I told Martin to pick a movie he chose Labyrinth. I was surprised but said okay and we had a nice myskväll evening snickering at David Bowie's wig and looking up how old Jennifer Connelly was when she made the movie (14!) on IMDB.

Afterwards, I was catching up on my friends list and Martin came in to the computer room and asked me if I'd seen Taylor Swift's latest video for her new song Shake it Off. I don't listen to the radio so I hadn't even heard of it. Martin doesn't care for Taylor Swift but he said he knew I'd like the song and he thought the video was funny and well done, so we watched it (and he was right on both counts) and then we watched all 7 of the outtakes videos about the making of it, which were equally hilarious. I'm bummed, though, that the song isn't on Spotify, so I can't add it to my million-mile-long playlist, though I did add a cover of it. I couldn't even have named a song by her before this, though I know she's a huge artist and has won a bazillion awards.

Then I showed him a parody video of Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass done to a Star Wars theme and then we segued into watching clips from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, because Martin told me they've revived the show recently, and I used to love it (both the UK and US versions). We watched videos until after 2:00 a.m., ending with a couple of clips from Mystery Science Theater 3000 which I also used to LOVE and which Martin had never heard of.

I NEVER stay up that late, and have no idea what possessed me other than the fact that Martin and I were having so much fun and laughing so hard. He was the one who put a stop to it by announcing that he was going to bed, and then I went into the living room and watched the end of The Daily Show with Anders, before I headed to bed...where, instead of turning out the light, I read for half an hour.

Guess how long I slept in this morning?
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music: Walk Off The Earth—Shake It Off


It is so wonderful when that spontaneous fun comes up with one of the kidlets, isn't it?

So do tell, how long did you sleep?

It was lovely, but if I told you how long I slept in, I'd have to kill you. EMBARRASSINGLY long. :D

Oh no, we don't want that.

i swear, there's more and darker darkness every year! :(

I agree! What is up with that?

Yeah, it was dusk here by 3pm when I went out with the dog and night by the time I came home an hour later. It happens so quickly at this time of the year :(

My guess is that you woke up just in time for lunch - lazy bones! But I bet it was worth it just to have fun with Martin. I think it's great that he still thinks you are cool enough to speak to - I recall my son would not have done that at Martin's age unless you paid him. And I remember loving Labyrinth!

Totally worth it. I loved Labyrinth too though parts of it are pretty silly, now. It still holds up rather well though you do get Magic Dance stuck in your head for days afterwards.

From Megsie

It is one of the things that I love most about you, Liz...your relationship with your kids. This is so awesome! My kids love to surf around for little clips with me as well. Right now it is mostly Jimmy Fallon stuff, because he is the new "IT" thing, although I can get them to watch a TED talk too!


Re: From Megsie

We've watched a lot of Jimmy Fallon clips too. So funny, especially the lipsync battles.

It sounds like an absolutely PERFECT way to enjoy the evening -- being able to share between parent and child is a true blessing.

Hate, hate, HATE the shorter days and early darkness...time to get my SAD lamp out for the season.

It was so much fun, though I paid the price when the alarm went off this morning, as I still hadn't caught up.

Maybe I should get a SAD lamp. I'm not sure I'm at that point, but it would probably help!

I love SAD light, and look forward to turning it on every morning during the Winter -- it's freaky, what a difference it makes.

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